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Dried Bouquets

Dried Bouquets

Long-lasting dried arrangements, designed to impress.
Long-lasting dried arrangements, designed to impress.
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    The Gemma

    The Gemma
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    The Astoria
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    The Sakura

    The Sakura
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    Dried Bouquets

    Do you know someone who always craves a gift with some extra pizzazz? Shake things up by giving them some eye-catching dried bouquets. These flowers have different textures and aesthetic potential than fresh arrangements, which make them perfect for people who like to indulge in something new and exciting. Your friend or loved one is sure to feel extra special when they get this unique gift. You'll find dyed mini pampas, thistles, and preserved green bells that offer stunning and interesting textures that you don't often see in a floral gift. Have them delight at the soft, spikey, and feathery details that are characteristic of these dried blooms and foliage.

    The Top 6 occasions to send Dried Bouquets are:

    1. Housewarming
    2. Birthday
    3. Congratulations
    4. Friendship
    5. Valentine's Day
    6. Mother's Day

    Dried flowers are also perfect for busy people because they can look the same for weeks and months. Since they are preserved, they keep their shape and essence for a long time. Our designers can add any colors they want to their arrangements to make endless visual effects. This makes them fantastic apartment gifts, gifts for the hospital, home gifts, and workday deliveries. Better yet, they don't need the upkeep of living flowers. There's no flower food, no watering, or trimming required. Dried flowers also make excellent housewarming gifts because they can last for months with proper care and don't need to be stored near good light— excellent for people still settling in. So if you know someone who would like fuss-free flowers that last, take a look through our selection.

    Dried Bouquet FAQs


    What are the best dried flowers?

    There are so many beautiful dried flowers in our collection that it’s difficult to pick “the best” one. But if you rank them by hardiness, thistle and baby’s breath are some of the longest-lasting dried blooms. When you want longevity, look for flowers with thicker stems — they last longer than other varieties. Dried lavender, rosebuds, and hydrangeas are beautiful and durable stems that will grace your home for years. Dried foliage, such as eucalyptus, bunny tails, and pampas grass, is a gorgeous filler that provides more color and texture to make each dried arrangement a wonderful sight.

    Do dried flowers trigger pollen allergies?

    No, dried flowers don’t trigger pollen allergies because they don’t contain pollen. They are safe for any individual with this type of allergy. They are excellent alternatives for anyone who typically avoids fresh flowers due to seasonal allergies. However, if anyone has grass allergies, it’s best to remove any pampas grass from your dried flower arrangement to avoid grass allergens.

    How long do dried flowers last?

    On average, dried flowers, without any special preparation, last around a year. But our dried stems can last for several years because they are first bleached and then dyed. Since all of our dried stems are prepared through expert processes, you can be confident that your dried bouquet can last a long time with good care.

    How do I take care of my dried flowers?

    Dried flowers are extremely low maintenance. In fact, most of its care involves keeping them in an environment that helps them stay dry and colorful. All you need to do is keep your bouquets out of direct sunlight, avoid too much humidity, and lightly dust them as needed. Too much sunlight can fade your flowers too quickly and even burn them if it’s too direct. Also, use a gentle feather duster to avoid breaking any of the more delicate foliage as it ages.