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Send Sunflowers Nationwide

Sending sunflowers is the perfect way to brighten up anyone’s day. Ideal for celebrating their birthday, expressing your congratulations, or simply wishing someone well, these brilliant yellow blossoms have the power to elevate any day. With its distinctive yellow petals punctuated by a rich brown center, the sunflower captures a sense of ethereal and down-to-earth beauty that makes it extra special. It’s as much a wonderful way to honor Mother Nature as it is to surprise someone special.

Sunflowers Through the Ages

At your service, whenever you need them to reach someone you love! Sunflowers capture a sense of joy—with good reason. Symbolic of longevity, love, friendship, adoration, honesty, devotion, and loyalty, the vibrant sunflower brims with happiness from every angle. It’s fitting that this meaningful flower is so devoted to the sun. This is obvious in how the petals seem almost outstretched in the sun’s direction. It’s no wonder that it’s enjoyed such popularity through the decades. To be precise, since 1,000 B.C., people have appreciated the wonders of this incredible (and versatile!) flower. Once used for food, today it’s considered the ultimate addition to any celebration.

Brighten Their Day With Sunflowers

Find fresh sunflower bouquets of all kinds perfect for every occasion. Give mom something to smile about on Mother’s Day. Treat your best friend to a lush arrangement just because she makes your world so much better. Surprise your significant other with a mood-boosting medley. Whether you opt for fresh sunflowers on their own or a sunflower bouquet mingling with other colorful stems, you’ll love the way these thoughtfully designed arrangements celebrate the occasion with style, grace, and joy.

Fresh Sunflower Delivery Anytime

No matter when you want to send them, you can count on your fresh sunflowers to arrive right on time. Explore a wide range of stylish bouquets that promise to last and last with some TLC—and that will undoubtedly make anyone’s day more memorable. Whether you’re sending it straight to their doorstep or their office, you can bet you’ll make quite a statement when you choose to send glorious sunflowers.

Sunflowers FAQ

When is a good time to send sunflowers?
Any occasion is a suitable one for sunflowers! The beauty of these rich yellow blossoms is that they suit virtually any occasion. Because they’re symbolic of so many different emotions, these optimistic flowers invite an added dose of sunshine to anything from a milestone birthday celebration to a housewarming party to a backyard barbeque. You can even treat yourself to a sunflower arrangement if you want to give any room in the home a fresh makeover.

Are all sunflowers yellow?
Though they’re not quite as popular, sunflowers are available in other colors too. Among the most common of these uncommon stems is the red sunflower, which can be a suitable alternative to a red rose for the recipient who would appreciate something unusual and beautiful. Another choice is the sophisticated purple sunflower, which evokes a sense of regality with its rich hue.

What kind of care do sunflowers need?
What’s nice about sunflower care is that you don’t need a green thumb to nurture the flower. The bottom line is that they love sunlight, so make sure to place the arrangement in a bright location. Place them in a vase full of clean, lukewarm water. Replace this every couple of days, and trim the stems at a 45-degree angle each time you do so. Trim away any additional foliage, too, as this could otherwise cause harmful bacteria to damage healthier flowers. A little plant food will help them stay fresh and lively for as long as possible.

What are some unique sunflower gifts?
Everywhere you look, you’re likely to spot a sunflower somewhere! This popular plant is a favorite for the way it instantly brings some much-needed sunshine to any space. Why not give a bouquet with a box of their favorite chocolate? Another option is to give a wonderfully scented sunflower candle for a housewarming gift. Pair it with a colorful arrangement for a thoughtful finishing touch.