Desk with Vogue bouquets

Limited-edition arrangements designed by Vogue’s top editors.

The Spring Edit

Designed by Vogue’s Christiane Mack, Rickie De Sole, and Ella Riley-Adams, this limited-edition trio of luxe bouquets includes high-end vases chosen exclusively by the editors.

The Christiane

It’s no secret that Christiane Mack, Head of Content Strategy and Operations at Condé Nast, has a love for ranunculus. With layers and layers of tissue-thin petals, much like a delectable mille-feuille pastry, the intricate blooms look nearly too perfect to be real. Thanks to her love of gardening (passed down from her parents and grandmothers), Mack knew chartreuse hydrangeas and glossy gardenia leaves would be the perfect companion for the ruby ranunculus. Both the foliage and the drab tin vase allow the jewel tones of the ranunculus to pop out and play the starring role.

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Christiane Mack Portrait
Designed By

Christiane Mack

Head of Content Strategy and Operations at Condé Nast

The Rickie

Vogue’s Head of Fashion Initiatives and Co-Director of the Fashion Group at Condé Nast Rickie De Sole’s love of florals goes back to her middle school days. Upon receiving a bouquet of flowers after a play, De Sole insisted on bringing the flowers on a family trip to Japan the following day. While customs immediately took the flowers, De Sole’s appreciation of blooms was sparked. Flash forward to present day, and her monochromatic arrangement, bursting with fluffy mums and intricate ranunculus, is as enchanting as it gets.

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Rickie De Sole Portrait
Designed By

Rickie De Sole

Vogue’s Head of Fashion Initiatives

The Ella

Ella Riley-Adams,’s Living Editor, didn’t have to look far for inspiration when it came to designing this arrangement. Growing up in Southern Oregon, she spent her childhood keeping a nature journal, recording the most interesting flora and fauna she came across. As if it were gathered from her backyard acres, The Ella includes thistle and fern, snapdragon, waxflower, and an antique-like vase. With colors and textures as varied as a wildflower meadow, this bouquet inspires from every angle.

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Ella Riley-Adams Portrait
Designed By

Ella Riley-Adams’s Living Editor

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