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Spring Flowers

Seasonal florals full of color and texture.
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Spring Flower Delivery

Celebrate the new season with a variety of fresh stems, plants, and gifts. With many holidays coming up this time of year, you’ll have many opportunities to surprise someone with something sweet!

The Best Spring Flowers

In the spring, you have many chances to give gifts to the people you hold dear. Whether it’s a birthday or faith-based celebration like Holi,  Easter , and Ramadan, several holidays happen between March and May. Here are some of the most treasured springtime flowers that have special meanings across different faiths and cultures.
  • Peonies: Everyone's favorite bloom is back for spring. Their signature petals start out in bud form and over time bloom into magnificent flowers. Learn more about the meaning and symbolism of peony flower colors and find peony delivery near you!
  •  Lilies : This fragrant flower comes in a variety of colors and shapes — from fluted to abundantly fanned-out petals. It’s also a meaningful flower in Easter arrangements and is considered an auspicious flower for Holi. The Asiatic lily is also used in Ramadan bouquets, along with other white and pastel flowers. With so many cultural connections, the lily is one of the most versatile and valued springtime stems!
  •  Tulips : Bulbs of this beautifully cupped flower sprout from the earth in the early spring, filling the world with much-needed color and scent after a long winter. You’ll find fresh-cut tulips in a variety of spring bouquets because their elegance and bright colors perfectly fit the spring aesthetic. These truly fit in anywhere — whether it’s a single-stem arrangement or part of a mixed bouquet.
  •  Roses : This hardy, classic, and versatile bloom is a mainstay in springtime arrangements for its wonderful scent and variety of colors. Whether you choose spray roses for powerful bursts of color or the strong presence of larger garden roses, your spring bouquet will be richer with roses.
Many other flowers come out in the spring, like lavender, mums, and ranunculus, that can also enhance your floral gift. In our spring collection, you’ll find these stems and more in all the pastels and bright colors you expect of the season.

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Our checkout process is designed for busy people. Simply select your bouquet or plant, and then choose any add-on gifts like Sugarfina Bears or designer chocolates. Finally, customize your gift with a pre-selected or personalized message from yours truly. The process takes just minutes. Once you select the time and location of delivery, we’ll take care of the rest!

Make This Spring Sweeter With Flower Delivery

Whether you want to send a loved one an Easter bouquet or honor a friend on their birthday this spring, we have so many gift options ready for you. Check out what’s new in our spring collection and get excited about the fresh stems that are in bloom this season!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of flowers bloom in spring?

Many varieties of flowers bloom in the springtime. Perfect for chasing away the winter blues, springtime flowers include lilies, daffodils, tulips, and more. Plus, everyone’s favorite bloom, the peony, returns in the springtime. With its peak bloom occurring between late April and early June, peonies make for the perfect spring flower.

What flower colors bloom in spring?

Spring is known for being a season full of color! When it comes to spring flowers, you can expect a rainbow of color. From blue flowers to purple flowers, there are plenty of bright shades that make for unique floral arrangements. Classic floral colors such as yellow, red, and pink flowers are also available in the spring.

What types of spring flowers are hypoallergenic?

Despite the prevalence of spring allergies, there are still many varieties of flowers that are hypoallergenic. Enjoy the best spring has to offer with stems like roses, peonies and tulips! Other hypoallergenic spring flowers include orchids, hydrangeas, and carnations. Or, opt for dried flowers! Learn more about what flowers are good for allergies on our blog.