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5 Valentine's Day Bouquets to Send to a Loved One Besides Red Roses

By UrbanStems

Dried flowers for Valentine's Day

When you want to send a romantic gift, a dozen red roses are a popular choice because they symbolize love and romance. But what if you want to do something different this year? At UrbanStems, we have good news: we have many options that go beyond the typical Valentine's Day flowers — and they're just a few clicks away.

Many flowers have romantic meanings, and our expert florists are always creating new ones to keep your message of love fresh. If your intended has a taste for the fresh and adventurous, express your devotion with one of our unique Valentine’s Day bouquets.

We’re proud of our Valentine’s Day collection which contains diverse arrangements that symbolize romance in new and exciting ways. To sample what’s new, take a look at 5 of our Valentine’s Day arrangements that go beyond red roses.

The Tallulah

The Zulu

The complementary colors purple and yellow play off each other seamlessly in the Zulu, our gorgeous arrangement of craspedia and lavender. Craspedia is a cheerful flower that symbolizes good health. It’s also known as “the drumstick” and “billy buttons” due to its spherical head of small yellow florets. Just a few playful pops of craspedia’s bold personality makes this bouquet an incredibly memorable one. Solidago flowers, commonly known as goldenrods, present additional splashes of yellow. They symbolize encouragement and growth and are cheerful flowers that traditionally are thought to bring good luck. Even better, this bouquet is long lasting with many stems that can be dried.

Adding to the purple scheme, limonium graces this arrangement with its feathery lilac and blue plumes.

We also believe scents enhance a bouquet's beauty, so we added parvifolia eucalyptus. This plant's aromatic deep green leaves further enhance this arrangement’s natural perfume to make it not just visually striking but a feast for all your senses. Want more Zulu? Get Double the Zulu.

The Mulberry

Soft and romantic, the Mulberry contains one of the world’s most romantic flowers, the tulip, which symbolizes perfect love, giving, and pure joy. But this isn’t the typical kind that you’d find at the supermarket. Instead, the Mulberry is a mix of 12 purple and lilac double tulips. This version comes with extra petals that create a bold, ruffled texture.

If you’re absolutely smitten, this is the flower that will tell your special someone exactly how you feel. Diverging from the traditional red tulips, the lilac and purple hues signify nobility and elegance, which tell your beloved that they are simply perfection to you. In this arrangement, simplicity is paramount, with the long, verdant leaves of the double tulips serving as enough foliage to create a gorgeous, balanced visual profile.

The Manor

Convey tender feelings in a classically appealing bouquet with the Manor. This bouquet is part of our winter collection, but its soft pink and ivory roses are warm enough to easily join our list of Valentine’s Day favorites. Like a lover’s first blush, it’s so fitting for budding romances. Subtle colors add hints of light pink and maroon from sprigs of tinted red boxwood while framed with a few stems of fragrant lavender and eucalyptus.

The Ranunculus, also known as a buttercup, conveys more tender feelings. In the Victorian language of flowers, it symbolizes charm and attractiveness. For added texture and visual excitement, astilbe’s showy flowers and fern-like leaves enter the mix. In the end, you get a delightful chorus of subtle blush colors and bold accents that make this a deeply romantic arrangement that echoes traditional styles but with subtly modern enhancements.

The Elixir

This dark and dramatic beauty is destined for your sophisticated valentine — the one that always hungers for something new. The Elixir is packed with romantic meanings without any of the clichés, yet it still has a hint of classical appeal. Sink into its rich shades of purple that tell your loved ones that they are everything to you and more.

This bouquet speaks the love language of flowers. Its combination of charming ranunculus, scabiosa, lisianthus, carnations, mums, larkspur, limonium, and salal leaves communicate love based on mutual respect and admiration. Scabiosas, also known as pincushions, aren’t just sweet-smelling, but they also represent pure love, purity, and peace. Meanwhile, the beautiful dark purple lisianthus flower symbolizes deep admiration, gratitude, and respect.

Meanwhile, the larkspur flowers represent a deep attachment and open heart. Limonium also makes an appearance. This soft texturing flower has an abundance of meanings, symbolizing cherished memories, success, longing, and is also known as the ''everlasting flower'. Overall, these blooms unite to tell a touching story of mature, long-lasting love that is based on admiration that withstands the storms of life.

The Kona

February may be chilly, but your love always burns brightly. Let the Kona bring the warmth of the tropics to your love with its vibrant island flowers. This unique blend of dried and fresh flowers is a visual treat, offering diverse textures and bold bursts of color. Tropical favorites like ginger lilies and birds of paradise flowers grace this arrangement, which both have romantic meanings.

Ginger lilies stand for strength and passion and are sometimes used as a substitute for red roses. This bird of paradise flower signifies joy and heavenly satisfaction, so give it to the person who makes your daily life a dream come true. The ethereal white lunaria seeds and plush pampas grass offer soft, cloudy contrast to the bold, straight lines from the spear palm, fresh raphis, dry straw palm, and fresh dollar eucalyptus.

In short- this one is a show-stopper and will make a lasting impression. Farthest from the typical V-day stereotype, this arrangement will be remembered for years to come.

  • Note: Dried florals may have a shorter lifespan than expected when placed in water.

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