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A Guide to Flower Colors on Valentine's Day

By UrbanStems

Valentine's Day Flower Color Guide

Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to get creative with color and to send flowers online that will have the people you love posting pics all over their social media accounts. While red flowers and pink flowers are traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to just stick to these two hues to give anyone the warm fuzzies inside. With this guide to Valentine’s Day flower colors, you'll discover what will work best for everyone close to your heart.

The Power of Purple Flowers

From rich, majestic purple shades to muted violets, purple is a color that has dozens of variations and nuances. When you’re looking for Valentine’s Day flower color meanings for someone special, this is a powerful option to pick. Purple is connected to royalty, dignity, and sophistication, so it’s a great choice for someone you admire or respect. With a regal look and feel, purple flowers tie in nicely to tradition as well. It can also be associated with mystery or enchantment, so you might want to send them in an arrangement to that secret crush or someone who you find really intriguing.

Looking for a flower for romance and passion? Purple can be your go-to as well. Since purple contains both red and blue, it’s representative of red’s passion and blue’s serenity. An option like The Lovestruck combines purple hues for an arrangement with just the right touch of romance.

Valentine's Day Flowers Purple

Lavender for Grace and Beauty

A bit more understated than many rich purple flower colors, lavender is a color that evokes beauty and elegance. This graceful color is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to an arrangement. This flower color can also have an association with youth and refinement. Its subtle vibe is right at home in a classic arrangement and can add a charming, tasteful touch to a more modern bouquet. The Manor is a gorgeous example for Valentine’s Day, with a charming look that incorporates charming roses and ranunculus.

Make a Statement With White

White can be a winning flower color on Valentine’s Day. Deceptively simple, the color offers a beautiful contrast to many traditional Valentine flowers. It brings to mind new beginnings, so consider sending this fresh flower color to someone you just started dating, just got to know or want to create a new start with on Valentine’s Day. Use white flowers, like the sweet vanilla roses in The Buttercream to celebrate commitment in a long-term relationship or to show you want to recommit. It can also symbolize innocence and beauty; some say its shade represents purity as well.

Maybe you and your significant other aren’t keen on gushing about how pure and true your love is - why not just say it with flowers? Since white is neutral, arrangements like the striking dried The Tutu also make great friendship bouquets on Valentine’s Day.

Ramp Up the Passion with Orange Flowers

Does your special someone have a unique zest for life? Orange flowers, like the brilliant orange roses in the colorful The Billie, could be the right gift. Associated with enthusiasm and excitement, orange flowers are a fiery color that can be a good choice for showing that you value that spark in your relationship. Orange is far from shy, so if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to share your romantic feelings with someone, say it with orange this Valentine’s Day. Other meanings include energy and playfulness. Add interest to a bouquet or create a playful vibe by choosing an option with orange flowers this year.

Yellow Flowers for Love and Friendship

Yellow flowers are traditionally associated with friendship, so they’re a natural choice for those people in your life that are always there for you. Don’t underestimate the power of this vibrant shade, though. A symbol of brightness and positivity, yellow flowers lend themselves easily to use in a Valentine’s Day arrangement for someone you feel romantic about. Tap into the hope and joy that yellow flowers represent to celebrate a relationship, whether it’s long-term or just starting out with an arrangement like Double The Sonny, featuring sunny free spirit roses. Some say yellow flowers have an association with precious resources, like the life-giving sun or pure gold. Feel like a relationship is worth as much as the sun rising each morning or the jewelry you wear? Show how much you value or a friend or loved one with a touch of yellow in a unique Valentine bouquet.

Red Can Take Centerstage (or Be an Understudy)

Unforgettable red - what would Valentine’s Day flowers be without you? One of the most celebrated of all Valentine’s Day flower color meanings, red is often remembered for its association with love, romance, and passion. Maybe a classic arrangement, like the luxe red roses in The Valentine, will catch his or her eye. Consider variations, such as cherry red scabiosa and ranunculus, as bold main elements for an eye-catching bouquet, or take the subtle route and choose an option with red roses or other flowers as accents. Looking for some lesser-known meanings of the color red for your Valentine flowers? Consider that it can symbolize courage and respect, too. sending an all-dried bouquet like The Sienna. Dried bouquets for Valentine's Day, especially red ones, are a great way to express you long-lasting love. 

Bring Pink Flowers Into Play on Valentine's Day

Pink flowers are often found in Valentine’s Day bouquets - for good reason. A shade related to red, pink is a color of love. Thanks to the array of fresh, modern shades in today’s arrangements, you can choose any color from a sophisticated blush pink to a nearly-neutral dusty rose to express your feelings. Want to shout it out? Consider a bolder shade like the natural bright pink tulips in The Parasol for a pop of color. Consider the recipient’s personality, too - if he or she is on the quiet side, for example, lush blooms in a softer pink might be your pick. Pink can be associated with gentleness and unconditional love, so a sweet pink (like the soft pink mums in The Amethyst) can be a nod to these traits when you gift them. Pink can also represent tenderness or whimsy, so you can express a more sweet or less serious sentiment to your honey as you see fit.

Blue for Romance and Serenity

While blue is common in nature in blue skies and bodies of water, interestingly enough it’s not often found in flowers naturally. You can find natural blues in some varieties, such as hydrangea, delphinium, and thistle, or opt for blue accents. Because blue flowers are a little different than the norm, they can be the basis of a creative Valentine gift that’s filled with unique character. When it comes to meaning, blue is right on point for the holiday because it symbolizes love and desire. It also stands for inspiration, so if someone has inspired you this year, Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to say thanks with blue flowers. Serenity and tranquility are other meanings associated with blue, so using blue flowers is a good option to make any room feel relaxed, romantic, and ready for Valentine’s Day.

Green Is Fresh and Renewing

Green is a flower you can feel great about gifting this Valentine’s Day. Not only is this fresh color filled with a sense of life and subtle vibrancy, but it’s also brimming with positive meanings. It symbolizes renewal or rebirth, so if you are rekindling an old flame or celebrating a relationship it’s ideal. Green is also associated with good health and good fortune, so you can send a vibe of wellness and wealth to anyone you care about. Keep those close to you young at heart with the gift of green flowers as they can be a symbol of youthfulness, too.

Flower Colors That Complement Your Love

No matter who you plan to send flowers to this Valentine’s Day, there are dozens of color options to consider. Choosing the right color — or colors — is the only challenge.We take the stress out of sending flowers for any romantic occasion with our breezy order process, free delivery, and even extra bonuses like pre-ordering.

Whichever UrbanStems Valentine’s Day flowers you choose, you're bound to find a unique arrangement that stands out from the crowd.


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