The Parasol

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The Parasol's unique multi-color tulips manage to be the bright spot in any room. A gradient of dusty pink to near red petals, this bouquet makes for a striking gift. Choose from two bouquet sizes, a 12-stem Single, or a 24-stem Double and enjoy these vibrant tulips on a desk, kitchen counter, or as a whimsical centerpiece.

To ensure you receive the freshest stems, the type of novelty tulip you receive may differ slightly from what's pictured but the vibrant color will remain the same. 

1) Place your flowers in a clean vase with 2/3 full water and the provided flower food. The flowers should be sitting about 3-5 inches above the top of the vase!

2) If you notice the tulips are bending, leave in the wrapping or sleeve for about an hour while hydrating in the vase.

3) Your flowers love the sun and will naturally start to bend and open towards it.

4) Your stems arrive around 14-inches long, but with this particular type of stem, they can keep growing over time!

5) Every couple of days, replace the water and re-cut your stems by about 1 inch or so.


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