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A Guide to Date Night in Quarantine for Valentine's Day

By UrbanStems

A quarantine date-night

Finding exciting things to do with your significant other after spending months holed up together can be a tricky task, indeed. With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may feel an even greater sense of pressure to come up with a date night idea that doesn’t revolve around the same old quarantine activities you’ve already shared countless times.

After all, it’s a special holiday that celebrates your love for one another — shouldn’t what you do together be just as important and meaningful as your relationship? With that in mind, here are a few tips to create the ultimate date night at home and make it a lovey-dovey holiday to remember.

Quarantine Date Night during COVID

Order Takeout

Start with the food. Odds are you’ve ordered more than your fair share of takeout while in quarantine — and chances are you stick to a handful of the same reliable places that you know and trust. Valentine’s Day, however, is a great occasion to break outside of your culinary comfort zones and try something different. You don’t want to experiment too much, of course. This isn’t the time to sample a new dish that you aren’t entirely sure you won’t love.

But it’s a great time to order takeout from that new Italian joint downtown that you’ve been dreaming about visiting since it opened. It’s a great excuse to place an order for a romantic meal for two from the restaurant where you had your first date. It’s the perfect time to frequent a spot you both love but save for special occasions just like these. The bottom line is that you don’t have to stick to the same spots on Valentine’s Day. Even if you just want to grab a pizza, why not choose a gourmet pie from a different eatery instead of your usual? It will add something fresh and flavorful to your date night.

Create a Table Setting

Don’t dismiss the importance of ambiance. It’s just as important as the food you order! Setting the right tone is critical because it can put you both into the spirit of the occasion. It isn’t likely to feel like much of a date night if the dining table looks exactly as it does when the kids are doing their homework or you’re busily serving up meals for the entire family.

On this special occasion, dim the lights and let the atmosphere do some of the work for you by creating a beautiful table setting. Add a lavish centerpiece to the display. Roses and blooms lend the table a wonderfully festive, Valentine-appropriate look. Set some tea lights in jars around the flowers. Place delicate accents throughout and use those fancy napkins you reserve for moments just like these.

Order Some Flowers

This is a holiday to remember. It’s a Valentine’s Day unlike any other simply by virtue of the fact that you can’t really leave the house and enjoy yourselves the way you might normally. Take advantage of the fact by making the most of it in every way. Ordering flowers for your significant other is such a beautiful and memorable gesture. It tells the person just how much they mean to you, and it’s reflective of the holiday in general.

More importantly, flowers set the tone for the day just as much as your table setting. You can use them strategically to decorate your home and turn it into a more romantic space that’s perfect for your date night. Add a bouquet to the table, present flowers to your special someone, and place a rose on their plate. There are many inventive ways to make floral accents a significant part of the festivities, and you’ll love the way they heighten the sense of romance in your home.

Prepare a Cocktail

What better excuse to indulge your inner bartender and get mixing? Do some research and find a few cocktails that appeal to both of you. Is there something that you both love to drink at your favorite bar and restaurant? Why not try replicating that at home? Or stick with a tried-and-true favorite instead.

If you’re especially committed to the fine art of creating drinks at home, snag a cocktail kit before Valentine’s Day to add a slightly professional spin on things. Look for something that includes everything you need to make your mixed drinks, like muddlers, jiggers, strainers, measuring cups, pourers, and bar spoons. Make a list of the ingredients that you need beforehand, too. You can even create your own little bar with everything set up neatly. Making cocktails is far more enjoyable when it feels like you know exactly what you’re doing!

Create a Playlist

Don’t forget one of the most important details of all: music! Great tunes help set the tone, too, especially when they’re songs that you thoughtfully curate yourself. Put some time and effort into this step — you can bet that your significant other will be totally “in tune” with your choices if you pick songs that have some special meaning to both of you.

Think about artists you’ve seen live together, the band that you both can’t resist, the song that you first danced to together, the song that was playing at the restaurant on your first date, the tune you both sing to in the car. The general idea is simply to create a playlist that reflects the best of your relationship. Focus on the “mix” element so there’s a good balance of both up-tempo and slow songs. A ballad here and there won’t hurt, especially if you want to set the mood for romance or enjoy a slow dance with one another.

The right details mean everything when it comes to planning a memorable date night during quarantine. Given that you see the person each and every day, there are very few surprises left — but treating this unique Valentine’s Day with the respect that it deserves and adding a few special touches to the occasion are sure to make it an unforgettable quarantined holiday for you both.


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