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Winter Flower Delivery

Many people think winter is the dark time of year when the natural world is asleep — hibernating and waiting for the next season. That's not necessarily true! Winter has a vibrant beauty all its own that comes to life even as the days grow shorter. Winter is famed for its high-contrast color palette and stunning light and dark jewel tones, and the flowers and plants that thrive in this season display eye-catching hues, including burgundy, berry red, pine green, rich purple, cool blue, icy pink, and cold yet bold yellow. Whether you are bringing some wintery life into your home, brightening a friend's day with a gift, or decorating for the holiday season, you will certainly find what you are looking for in UrbanStems's selection.

Determined To Thrive

Many unique plants and flowers display their beauty in winter. Pansies and violas are winter favorites with their cute, colorful faces and enduring tenacity. Yellow multi-layered daffodils and purple crocuses are known for pushing their way through the snow to enjoy the winter sun. And winterberry holly, with its famous blazing red berries, is a Christmas staple in wreaths, centerpieces, and more. Give someone (or yourself) the reminder of life in this season with these remarkable florae.

Winter Spirit for Everyone

Since winter also heralds the season of giving, choose to give a wintery bouquet or plant to your loved ones. Winter flowers speak of hope even when everything around you seems dead, so they can make an ideal present for those who need a little encouragement. The good news is that you can order your choice up to two weeks in advance to get it off your list or get same-day or next-day delivery if you get stuck for a gift. Bring your bouquet or plant with you to give to your loved ones in person, or send your love via our delivery service, which can drop your gift off anywhere in the country.

With UrbanStems's Christmas collection, it is also easy to share season greetings with a gorgeous Christmas wreath. Choose pine and holly, or go for something unique, like a wreath made of magnolia leaves. Warm Christmas centerpieces with candles can help make your festive table complete when it's time to celebrate. Choose UrbanStems to help you decorate your home and get in the spirit.

Winter Flower FAQs

Which flowers can grow in winter?
Many different flowers grow well in winter. Along with previously mentioned pansies, violas, daffodils, crocuses, and winterberry holly, there are more wintery contributions to the natural world. Consider ornamental kale with its gorgeous green and purple combinations. Pine is also a classic winter plant that can grace your winter with some Christmas cheer. Pale white snowdrops, also called spring snowflakes, and striking camellias show up in winter as well. Look up even more possibilities and choose those that bring hope and joy to your heart.

What flowers can you plant in winter?
Many winter flowers can be planted in the colder months, provided the ground isn't frozen. For a winter garden of your own, make sure to thoroughly break up the ground where you intend to plant your winter plants, and don't forget to water them every so often. Pansies are one of the hardiest of the winter flowers. It's amazing the severity of weather these blooms can survive. Another great winter garden addition is ornamental kale. With its icy colors and enduring leaves, ornamental kale is a plant that will brighten up any outdoor array. Finally, try out daffodils. These bulbs bloom year after year and are sure to bring a bit of winter cheer to any garden.