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A Guide to Delphiniums — July's Birth Flower

Floral bouquet on set table featuring delphinium flowers

The July birth flower is the delphinium, an easily recognizable flower for its towers of numerous blooms. It is usually known for its blue flowers, but it can also have other colors. No matter what type of Delphinium you get, this luxurious stalk of ruffled petals adds drama and beauty to a bouquet.

Delphiniums are also known as the “Larkspur” flower, a name coined by England’s Tudors because the flowers are shaped like a lark’s claw. Today, the most popular species of Delphiniums are the Tall, California, and Royal Larkspurs. You can find this flower in abundance in the summer when they are in season. Since they are July’s official birth flower, it’s an easy gift choice if you have a special July celebration coming up.

Arrangements with Delphinium have that extra touch of bright summer color and soft texture that enhance bouquets. Whether you need a beautiful arrangement to admire at home or want to give the perfect summer gift, our curated selection of Larkspur arrangements will delight your recipient. This complete guide to Delphiniums will help you understand its meaning and show you some favorite picks for gift giving.

A Guide to Delphiniums

  1. About Delphiniums
  2. Meaning of Delphinium
  3. Fun Facts about Delphinium
  4. Our Favorite Arrangements with Delphiniums

About Delphiniums

Delphiniums are known for their unique shape that looks like lark claws or a dolphin in motion. Its flowers each have five sepals that look like petals that go around a hollow pocket with a spur on its end. The Larkspur's stalk can be up to 6 feet tall and is loaded with beautiful flowers from the midpoint and upwards. They are typically found in blue but they also come in pink, white, lavender, red, yellow, and light blue. Some variations have double blooms.

Larkspurs are known as being difficult to grow, which makes a curated floral arrangement with this bloom all the sweeter. They thrive in sunny areas with consistently moist soil. Experienced gardeners know how to keep conditions right for this fussy flower with the right amount of mulch and by using neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

Meaning of Delphinium

The Delphinium's meaning is vast and depends on the color of its flower. Overall, the plant symbolizes cheerfulness and encouragement. July’s birth flower contains no negative meanings and is always associated with positivity. Here are the specific meanings for different colors of Delphinium:

  • Blue: Dignity
  • White and Light Blue: Youth and renewal
  • Pink and Red: Passion and devotion
  • Purple: First love
  • Yellow: Happiness and friendship

The presence of Larkspur in a bouquet universally communicates well wishes and good vibes. It’s the ultimate all-occasion flower that works well for anniversaries, birthdays, and just-because moments. Whenever you’re in doubt of a flower to add to a bouquet, consider the delphinium.

Fun Facts About Delphiniums

Giving a gift with this flower is even more fun when you know some of its history. Here are some fun facts about the Larkspur, one of the most interesting flowers in the world.

  1. The name Delphinium is derived from “Delphis,” which is Greek for “dolphin.” When you look at the flower from the side, it looks like a swimming dolphin.
  2. The Larkspur belongs to the genus Ranunculaceae and is typically grown as an ornamental plant.
  3. Larkspurs are great pollinators and attract beautiful creatures like butterflies, hummingbirds, and honey bees.
  4. Native Americans and European settlers used this plant for a variety of practical purposes. The flower can be turned into blue dye, ink, and even be used medicinally. Ancient cultures also used larkspur to repel insects and parasites.
  5. Larkspurs favor high places and are mostly found in the northern hemisphere and high elevations in Africa,
  6. Delphiniums last between six to eight days when placed in a vase, so they will brighten your loved one's day for at least a full week. This makes it well-known as a wonderful cut flower for a variety of arrangements.

Our Favorite Arrangements With Delphiniums

Since it's easy to use Delphiniums in almost any arrangement, it often makes an appearance in our favorite floral gifts. These are just a couple of crowd-pleasers with the Larkspur flower:

  • The Tuckernuck: This beautiful bouquet of white, purple, blue, and soft green is named after Nantucket Island, a popular summer destination off Cape Cod. It's just as laid back as the rolling dunes of this beachy destination, where cares are set aside. Its curated selection of White Roses, Alstromeria, Veronica, Delphinium, Italian Ruscus, and Bulplerum create a soft and balanced color scape. When you want to celebrate a refreshing, carefree person who always lifts everyone's mood, this easy-going arrangement is a good choice.
  • The Jardin: Meaning "garden" in French, The Jardin brings the charm of a gorgeous European garden to your windowsill. It contains old-world favorites like the Star of Bethlehem, Veronica, Lisianthus, Delphinium, Astrantia, and Ruscus flowers. This delicious mix of wildflowers and green plant accents work together to create a bold spectrum of summery colors. With samples of every hue from dark to pastel, this bouquet is made to be admired.

Give Larkspur Arrangements This July

A bouquet of delphiniums is full of good vibes, so adding a gift with this bloom is sure to brighten someone’s day. Let your message of care and joy reach someone special today when you order a flower delivery on the same day, next day, or within the next two weeks. For any occasion, our curated collection of floral arrangements is prepared to help you give the perfect gift.


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