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5 Ways to Decorate with Wreaths

Holiday wreath adorning a mantel

The humble wreath is traditionally associated with the season. It’s a fitting connotation that speaks to the arrangement’s festive allure. Wreaths are a natural element often found on front doors throughout fall and winter, and it’s an easy way to update your home when you want to make a subtle change without going over the top.

However, placing a wreath on your front door isn’t the only way to make use of this beautiful accent. First, consider that the wreath is more of a year-round accent than a seasonal one. It’s probably most popular during the colder months, but there’s nothing like adorning a wall, a window, or a door with a wreath at other times of the year, too.

If you’re ready to upgrade your interior and exterior décor with a wreath, here are some clever ideas. They may surprise you—who knew you could do so much with wreaths? Whether you try one or all, prepare to change the tone of your home in different ways. Wreaths add natural beauty to any space, inviting the outside in and celebrating Mother Nature at her very best!

How to Decorate with Wreaths

  1. Transform Your Outdoor Dining Space
  2. Hang It on the Gate or Fence
  3. Elevate the Entryway Inside the Home
  4. Suspend It from a Mirror
  5. Hang It In the Bedroom

Transform Your Outdoor Dining Space

Dining outside is a year-round pastime that makes life look a whole lot better. There’s nothing like enjoying a delicious meal in nature. While surrounded by natural ambiance, you’ll appreciate the little things even more—the sensation of the sun as it warms your skin, the feel of cool wind as it nips against your face, or the light breeze that causes napkins to flutter on the table. It’s these little details that set the tone for an unforgettable experience.

Just as vital is the ambiance of the space. Dressing up a patio or deck where you eat can be a fun experience, especially when you focus on celebrating nature in delicate ways. For example, lighting a few candles is an easy way to introduce some additional light to the space as the sun sets. The gentle flow will make your surroundings even more hauntingly beautiful.

Hanging a wreath on the door or wall behind you brings the entire space together, especially when you fill it with added greenery.

Hang It on the Gate or Fence

Gates and fences are desperately overlooked. While you may have stained them a flattering color that complements your home or landscape, it’s rare that they actually get much consideration when taking into account the overall vibe of the home. Is there any practical way to decorate them without calling too much attention? After all, fences and gates are often installed for privacy and security reasons.

In a word, yes! It’s easy to bring your structure to life in subtle style with the addition of a wreath. Take into account weather conditions before you suspend a wreath from the surface, though. In a heavily wet region or during a particularly snowy time of year, you won’t want to risk the integrity of the wreath. Keep in mind, too, that many wreaths perform best when exposed to minimal or indirect light, so don’t hang it in a spot that’s often drenched in sunshine.

Otherwise, be creative! You can easily hang a wreath on a gate door and give the entire structure a new look. The wreath turns the fence into a focal point, drawing the eye inward while creating a cohesive look that brings every detail that factors into your home’s look together, from the landscape to the porch décor.

Elevate the Entryway Inside the Home

It’s so easy to get caught up in decorating the home’s exterior during the holiday season. There are lights to hang and porches to decorate. But while you may start the tree-decorating festivities after Thanksgiving, you can easily get an early start on indoor decorating by hanging a wreath in your entryway.

This is a lovely way to bring some joy and subtle elegance to your living space and there are so many ways to accomplish the look you have in mind. You can hang it above a storage bench on a side wall, for example, or suspend it from a coat hook if you don’t want to put any holes in the walls. If you plan to entertain during the season, the wreath is also an easy way to greet your visitors and bid them farewell in style.

Wreaths are also lovely for brightening up simple entryways during the holiday season. When walls are bare or banisters look too simple, the addition of a wreath directly underneath can make all the difference. You’ll also appreciate the way that wreaths add some of Mother Nature’s most exotic beauty inside your home. With its two-toned magnolia leaves, The Nola makes a fragrant and lovely choice.

Suspend It from a Mirror

You may consider it a little unexpected, and it is, but the beauty of the wreath is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can use it in so many ways that you might be surprised at just how well it fits into virtually any room in the home.

To bring a mirror to life, consider hanging a wreath from the top. In this case, the mirror’s edging serves as an eye-catching “frame” that surrounds the greenery. It’s an easy way to lend the room a hint of natural style and to add some personality to an otherwise understated detail occupying space on the wall.

Hang It In the Bedroom

Artwork in the bedroom can easily transform your space.

As for where to position it, take your cue from other details in the room. Avoid a wall that’s too busy, such as one that’s primarily occupied by furniture. The space over the bed often works well. You can even frame the wreath to create the illusion of a piece of eye-catching artwork.

No matter where you choose to hang your wreath, you can trust it to bring plenty of natural beauty and style to your home both inside and outside.


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