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The Best Ways to Decorate with Dried Bouquets

Trio of multi colored dried bouquets on outdoor table, including a cream dried arrangement, a light pink dried arrangement, and a golden dried arrangement.

It can’t be said enough: 2021 is the year of the dried bouquet. Other plant trends come and go. They’re fleeting at best, usually celebrating the latest social media darling of the moment. Those are all well and good — most of us can’t say no to a good plant or flower arrangement that photographs well — but there’s something to be said for a bouquet that promises to last and last and last.

There’s a surprisingly fresh quality about dried flowers. The irony of that is undeniable, of course, but the fact is that dried arrangements just scream style. They exude a sense of warmth and contribute to a sense of coziness in the home. The very sight of dried plants or flowers is enough to transform any space into a more inviting spot.

Dried bouquets aren’t just easy on the eyes. They’re also incredibly versatile, making it easy to decorate with them throughout the home. But if you’re stumped for ideas about where to start, keep these interior design ideas in mind. You’ll love the way they breathe new life into your living space.

How to Decorate with Dried Bouquets

  1. Use old jars as display vessels
  2. Decorate your fireplace mantel
  3. Elevate your bathroom with dried flowers
  4. Nestle them in a bowl
  5. Mix them up

Use Old Jars as Display Vessels

While there’s a general inclination to head straight for the nearest vase, you don’t have to use the prettiest, sleekest, or most modern containers to show off your dried arrangements. There’s an old-world charm associated with other options, like glass milk jugs, juice bottles, and apothecary jars. That antiquated feel nicely complements the earthen quality of these arrangements, which exhibit a sense of countryside charm.

You don’t even have to place the entire arrangement in the container, although the lush lavender stems that make up The Provence will undoubtedly look beautiful just as it is. Otherwise, take a more creative approach and select just one or two stems to display in your jar or bottle. The effect is subtly sophisticated, with an earthy appeal that creates a homey, welcoming ambiance in your home.

Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

You may make over your mantel during the holiday season when you break out the festive decorations. But those reds, greens, blues, whites, and metallics aren’t the only options you have for dressing up your fireplace mantel. Adding dried flowers to the surface is a wonderful way to liven up the room. The arrangement serves as a breathtaking focal point, bringing a hint of understated style to the room.

What’s more, you can really go all out in terms of how you decorate. The Pampas stands on its own as a room accent, with its neutral beige tone and its appearance reminiscent of those lazy evenings spent on the sand watching the pampas grass wave gently in the wind. Now you can bring a touch of that laid-back vibe home. Pampas grass is so versatile that it will never lose its appeal. Moreover, you can add more colorful accents to each side, creating a more decorative showpiece that draws attention to the mantel right away.

Elevate Your Bathroom with Dried Flowers

paradise. Even if yours isn’t quite styled to that level, there’s no mistaking the heights to which your bathrooms will go when you add a dried floral arrangement to the space. There’s something naturally chic about this minimalist accent. It’s carefree and easy, the type of thing you can casually place in any space and forget about, all the while secure knowing it’s doing its job beautifully.

For a fun choice that you can be sure will always do its decorative best, consider The Empress. Vibrant stems, including preserved hydrangea, natural mini pampas grass, and dried Phalaris, all share the spotlight on this thoughtfully designed and oh so colorful arrangement that’s perfect for livening up your bathroom. Whether it’s perched on a storage shelf or in the corner of the room, it will catch the eye at a single glance.

Nestle Them in a Bowl

If you have a taste for a humble style that’s inherently simple — the true definition of never trying too hard — then you’ll enjoy the way dried flowers and plants bring some natural beauty into your home. They connect with your love of the great outdoors, but don’t require you to try too hard. They’re restrained, never showy, yet they offer the same level of grace and beauty as something far more lavish.

There’s beauty to be found in those spaces of the home that lack drama. The sustainability alone makes dried flowers incredibly appealing in the modern world. Celebrate their versatility by tossing a few stems in a glass or ceramic bowl and centering it on a coffee table in your living room or family room. Introducing it to your living space in such a seamless way is effective because it becomes a part of the fabric of your lives — as much as the couch where you’re seated and the table where you set your tea.

Mix Them Up for Wild Appeal

Yes, “wild” seems to be the general antithesis of the originally intended effect. However, one intriguing fact about dried arrangements is that there are really no rights or wrongs, rhymes or reasons to decorating with them. A little bit of extra color can transform the way these earthy accents look, giving your décor a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Have fun taking your cues from the season. In the fall, you might opt for rich, warm notes that capture the spirit of the season, like the meadow-meets-mustard tones found in The Gold Rush, coupled with a few arrangements in pink, bronze, and orange. Spring and summer may find you gravitating to lighter, airier hues reminiscent of the beach, like pale blues and soft blushes. Mixing up unexpected elements is fun because it unleashes your inner artist.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate with dried arrangements. They’re inherently beloved for their easy, down-to-earth appeal, and the simple way they upgrade different areas of the home with minimal effort. What’s not to love?


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