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Invite the Cottagecore Trend to Your Home with These Tips

Woman walking a bicycle with a basket full of flowers with a cottagecore aesthetic.

Cottagecore is a hot trend that has exploded in popularity since its humble beginnings in 2017 as a small online movement. In this trend, you’ll see images of rustic elegance, natural designs, cozy knit sweaters, and ample plant life. You’ll find antiques and reclaimed relics used as decor, signifying a return to simple pleasures.

If you enjoy shabby chic, modern farmhouses, restored relics, and the romantic gardens of the past, then you’ll love the cottagecore trend. Following this aesthetic is an excellent way to reduce distracting clutter and to insert a simple but pleasing cottage comfort into modern life. When you make your home an escape from daily stress, every moment can be beautiful and conducive to relaxation. Here are some simple tips to create your cottagecore paradise at home.

Invite the Cottagecore Trend to Your Home

  1. Use Cottage-Style Furniture
  2. Reduce & Conceal Clutter
  3. Gardens for Function & Fun
  4. Enjoy Indoor Plants
  5. And of Course, Flowers
  6. Embrace a Simple Lifestyle

Use Cottage-Style Furniture

Cottagecore homes use a relaxing, natural colorscape and materials. This return to prairie-style comforts means that it’s important to free your living spaces from excessive modern aesthetics. While you don’t have to be as extreme as removing your home management devices or tv from your living room, you can replace some contemporary furniture with reclaimed antiques.

When you shop for cottagecore furniture, take a trip to the thrift store to check for charming vintage side tables and storage solutions. You’ll be surprised at all the beautiful relics you can find. Sewing tables can become excellent storage areas, while old school chairs can make fitting side tables with some extra character!

Reduce & Conceal Clutter

Cottagecore designs are famous for their freedom from stressful modern clutter. Do you have too many cords and devices around? Cottagecore storage methods will help you tuck these items away when you don’t need them. If you have entertainment or gaming devices, you can discreetly conceal them behind the cabinet-style doors of a retro entertainment center when they’re not in use.

If you see an excessive sprawl of charging cords, controllers, and USB bricks, create a spot where you can store these items out of plain view like a small storage ottoman or a drawer in a coffee table. Install shelving made out of reclaimed wood and hoist them with antique-style brass brackets for an incredibly beautiful way to store loose items. You may also choose to display lush plants here, which are a big part of the cottagecore life.

Gardens for Function & Fun

Plantlife is so important to the cottagecore lifestyle. Even if you live in an urban area, you can do plenty of indoor gardening or use creative spots like fire escapes, windowsills, and balconies to establish your gardening paradise. If you have more property area, you may also garden in your backyard or establish a greenhouse on your balcony.

Gardening to grow your food and herbs is key to naturally decorating your home while also providing a functional benefit. Fresh rosemary and thyme from your windowsill herb planter taste wonderful in homemade soups. Also, herbs like basil are natural air fresheners, filtering the air and filling it with a wonderful fresh scent!

Enjoy Indoor Plants

You may start your own garden outside or in a greenhouse, but you don’t have to stop the fun there. By getting potted plant gifts in your home, you can cultivate low-maintenance greenery in your home, which both improves the air quality and makes your home prettier. There’s nothing more rustic than using plants to dress up the interior of your home.

This decoration method brings the peacefulness of outdoor green indoors, reducing stress levels. Low-maintenance plants like the golden pothos, which are included in The Archie, need minimal light and occasional watering to thrive. However, in return, it filters numerous toxins from the air and boosts indoor oxygen levels.

And of Course, Flowers

Flowers are so important to cottagecore life that we have to mention them again. Using seasonal blooms in your decorations is a special way to change with the seasons and truly integrate the natural flow of life. When you order flowers by the stem or by seasonal collections, you can always have a fresh rotation of flowers that are natural to the season. Also, if you need something tried and true, you can look at something from our classics collection, which has flowers that are readily available from hothouses throughout the year. Check out some of these classic collection favorites:

  • The Verde: A surprising arrangement of all green, succulents, ruscus, cocculus, variegated pittosporum, photinia, and salal leaves, The Verde adds a serious depth to your plant life displays. It emits a low-key forest mood that looks so dashing against natural wood and warm metals.
  • The Pink Champagne: This explosion of pink scabiosa, carnations, and roses is a bold splash of color every cottagecore home needs. Place it in the center of a table or on top of a shelf to show off its beauty.

Embrace a Simple Lifestyle

The cottagecore life is not just an aesthetic, it’s a state of mind. It affects everything from what you use for decor to what you wear. Cottagecore influencers on Tik Tok and Instagram sport their flower crowns, linen dresses, tweed jackets, cozy knit sweaters, corduroy pants, well-loved ripped jeans, and moccasins with pride. It’s important to reduce busyness and modern distractions and return to rustic simplicity in all facets of life.

Simplicity spills into everything — your routine, hobbies, extracurricular activities, and your wardrobe selection. Embrace the delicious flavor of a slow-roasted stew that’s made with veggies from your own garden, or cozy up to a scarf that you knit by hand. It’s not just a feast for the eyes, but about touch and scents as well.

Find Flowers and Plants for Your Cottagecore Home

A sure way to make your home more cottagecore is to decorate with natural flowers and plants. Find beautiful bouquets, plant gifts, dried flowers, and other thoughtful home additions today!


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