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For DIY lovers, our bud vase and seasonal florals are a must-have. Every order includes three speckled ceramic vases and an assortment of yellow, pink, and crimson strawflowers. Cut the stems down to size and create your own deconstructed centerpiece. The DIY Florist is great for decorating a home office or to serve as decor for a dresser or table. Strawflowers resemble daisies, but unlike daisies, the petals are stiff and papery and will last for months. In order for the strawflower to dry straight, remove the flowers from the bud vases after 4 days. Tie the flowers into small bundles of three or four using a rubber band. Then hang them upside down in a well-ventilated area. After a week, remove the rubbers bands and place them back in the bud vases for long-lasting results.

1) Cut each stem to the length of the bud vase.

2) Fill each bud vase with about one-third of water. No need to refill water, as strawflowers will dry and open over time! 

3) Arrange in bud vases as desired. About 6 - 7 stems fit in each vase. 

Drying Techniques:

Option 1) Let the strawflowers dry in the bud vase, allowing the flowers to bend over time. 

Option 2) Tie small loose bunches of the strawflowers and let them hang upside down for a few days. This will allow the stems to dry straight. *This type of drying should be completed prior to putting the stems in the bud vases and no water should be added to the vases. 


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