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Mother's Day

Flowers and plants for her special day on May 9th.
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Mother’s Day Flowers

What better way to honor the most important person in your life than with flowers? For the devotion, care, and sheer unconditional love she’s shown you for a lifetime, the best Mother’s Day flowers express your gratitude and return your love for her in a beautiful way. Whether she’s a traditionalist who loves tulips and garden roses or prefers earthy lavender and herbs, you’ll find just the right choice at UrbanStems. With so many eye-catching arrangements available, you’re sure to find something that she loves.

The Best Mother’s Day Flowers

What’s in a flower? So much — color, meaning, and beauty, for starters. Some of the best Mother’s Day flowers express your sentiments powerfully. Peonies are symbolic of happiness, love, and fortune, and they also happen to be easy on the eyes. Choose pink flowers to tie in with the theme of the day, or purple flowers to remind her that she’s the queen in your world. Shades like yellow and orange are also wonderfully uplifting for her special day.

Another beautiful option is ranunculus, a timeless flower that evokes warmth, charm, and beauty. It’s a thoughtful way of reminding her that she’s always been the most important person in your life — since day one! If you want to bring a smile to her face, delphinium flowers make a perfect choice. Feast your eyes on The Juliet for proof! These vibrant blossoms are an immediate reminder of Mother Nature at her very best. They exude joy, cheerfulness, and happiness, and they’re sure to make her day unforgettable with their rich texture and lovely bluish-purple hue.

The best Mother’s Day flowers are the ones that come straight from your heart. Whether you opt for a dried flower bouquet brimming with fragrant lavender or choose to give her garden roses in her favorite color, you can be sure she will be dazzled on her special day.

 The Top 5 Mother’s Day Flowers

1. Roses

2. Peonies

3. Tulips

4. Ranunculus

5. Delphinium