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The 12 Best Flowers to Send for Valentine’s Day in 2023

Close up of pink flowers for Valentines Day

Flowers make the best Valentine’s Day gifts! And for most people, roses are the first choice. They are the classic and near-universal symbol of love, after all. But many other flowers can also convey your feelings to your Valentine. In fact, a mixed bouquet can sometimes add meaning as well as color and fragrance to your gift. With that in mind, here’s a list of the 12 best flowers to send for Valentine’s Day, with a focus on long-stemmed varieties.

The 12 Best Flowers to Send for Valentine’s Day in 2023

  1. Roses
  2. Peonies
  3. Calla Lillies
  4. Carnations
  5. Lillies
  6. Ranunculus
  7. Asters
  8. Dried Flower Arrangements
  9. Sunflowers
  10. Tulips
  11. Orchids
  12. Delphinium


Roses have been loved by people worldwide throughout history and symbolize love in all its different forms. The various colors of roses have different meanings, and classic red roses stand for true romantic love. To make that message clear, you could send The Valentine with long-stemmed roses and eucalyptus in a fresh burst of color and fragrance.

Pink roses also symbolize love for friends, relatives, children, and pets. A sweet bouquet of creamy pink roses, The Adore You conveys feelings of love, hope, and optimism. It’s also suitable for a new relationship you’d like to take further.


Peonies are another favorite flower, whether you’re growing them, gifting, or receiving them. Their exquisite shape and heady scent give them a rich presence, and the meanings assigned to them in the language of flowers are happiness and prosperity. Triple the Peony has 30 long-stemmed pink peonies, which will arrive in bud form and slowly open to release their fragrance and beauty.

Calla Lillies

Calla lilies are elegance personified, whether presented singly or as part of a luscious bouquet of scent and color. The Heartfelt is a symphony of color with roses, mini calla lilies, Ruscus, and tiny hypericum berries. Calla lilies also express a purity of heart that can help convey genuineness and earnestness to the object of your devotion.


Carnations have bright colors and a spicy-sweet fragrance, both of which last for days and days. Different colors have various meanings, and red carnations that stand for fascination are a great addition to a Valentine’s Day bouquet. The Eros, with roses and carnations in pink and red, with sprigs of green and eucalyptus, is a feast for the senses and a passionate declaration of love that your Valentine will be happy to receive.


Lillies are all-time favorite long-stemmed flowers for gifting and are associated with romance, devotion, love, and purity. Send your Valentine The Lovesick bouquet with a pink, cream, and blush arrangement of lilies, roses, and snapdragons with green lisianthus sprays, to make an unforgettable romantic statement.


The bright, cheerful colors of ranunculus flowers are always welcome, and their message makes them very suitable for a romantic gift. They carry meanings of radiant charm, will subtly convey, “You are charming” to the object of your affection, and will bloom for a long time.

Given that, who wouldn’t love to receive The XOXO, an exuberant burst of color with ranunculus, roses, delphinium, calla lilies, and snapdragon in a white china vase? Such a vibrant display is a beautiful way to shower your Valentine with love this February.


Their name comes from the Greek word for “star.” Indeed, with their bright colors, asters shine bright and are the star of any garden or bouquet. They stand for elegance, and purple asters symbolize wisdom and loyalty. Pink asters also carry the meaning of love. The asters in the Triple The Juliet mix with roses, snapdragons, and delphinium for a declaration of love and hope that is well suited as a prelude to the fast-approaching springtime.

Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flower bouquets preserve all the beauty of the flowers and last much longer. They can also be a good choice if the gift has to travel a long way. The Tutu is as elegant as its namesake, with dreamy soft pink shades of mini pampas, thistle, stargrass, Avena, and Helichrysum Italicum in a white ceramic vase.


Optimistic and bright, sunflowers bring happiness and good cheer with them. Whether presented as a single flower or as several in a bouquet, sunflowers carry a message of hope. The Sonny is a joyful mix of sunflowers and baby’s breath which will be a welcome gift this Valentine’s Day for a friend or family member — or for any time someone needs cheering up.


Traditionally the harbingers of spring, tulips are also associated with love. There’s almost nothing else that can lift the mood like the sight of a bunch of tulips, whether they’re out in the garden braving the spring breeze or in a vase in your living room. The Rosaline has twelve tulip stems in all the colors of spring, bringing a fresh breath of life, love, and hope.


Orchids are not usually thought of as Valentine’s Day gifts, but their elegance, long-stemmed beauty, and subtle fragrance all symbolize your hopes and dreams for that special person. They can be gifted as cut flowers or as live plants and will last a long time. They are the perfect gift for someone precious to you and somewhat elusive, as this gift will bring you closer.


Delphinium, also known as larkspur, is a favorite with gardeners and florists and makes a beautiful display on its own or in a mixed bouquet. They have a very romantic meaning of openness and new beginnings, which makes them perfect for a new love. The Flurry is an enchanting bohemian collection in shades of blue and white with delphinium, snapdragons, gypsophila, spiral eucalyptus, and green sprays. Another meaning associated with delphinium is positivity. And this bouquet is guaranteed to lift the spirits of anyone feeling down.

The best flowers to send for Valentine’s Day all have one thing in common: they will bring cheer and your message faithfully to your Valentine, whether you want to convey true love, affection, hope, or new beginnings. A mixed bouquet will add charm and depth as the flowers fill your Valentine’s life with color and fragrance.


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