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Dried Bouquet FAQs

Close ip image of a luxury dried bouquet

There’s nothing like an eye-catching floral arrangement to add a hint of luxury to a space. And no trend has proved to be as lasting as dried flower arrangements. Dried flowers come with plenty of perks. In addition to being stunning in person, these long-lasting arrangements require minimal care. We consulted with the experts on our Care Team to answer all of your questions about dried flower bouquets and how to best care for them.

How long do dried bouquets last?

With proper care, our dried bouquets can last from 9-12 months. In order to extend their lifetime, we recommend placing them in a dry area away from sources of heat.

Does my dried bouquet need water?

No, your dried bouquet does not need water. For best results, keep dried bouquets away from water and humid environments. We don’t recommend displaying your dried bouquet in bathrooms or kitchens.

Do dried bouquets come with a vase?

Yes! All of our dried bouquets come with a vase that has been perfectly paired with the bouquet at hand.

Are dried bouquets hypoallergenic?

Some of our dried bouquets contain grasses such as Pampas Grass that may cause irritation for people with grass allergies. Check the ingredients on all of our bouquets to avoid contact with potential allergens.

What kind of dried flowers should I send?

Dried flowers make for the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether its to celebrate a housewarming or a Valentine's Day gift, dried flowers are always a good fit.

Shop our Dried Collection to find the perfect gift. Shopping for more traditional luxury? Consider The Sanibel, these beachy fronds ooze elegance in pale shades of cream and pink. Looking to add in a pop of color?Check out The Juneau or The Tutu for bright pinks or bold violets.


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