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The Best Dried Bouquets for Fall

Pale hued dried bouquet

When you want to give a beautiful, long-lasting gift that offers a refreshing change of pace, try dried bouquets. These preserved arrangements of blooms and foliage offer stunning colors and unique textures that are difficult to find in fresh flowers. Whether it’s the shaggy-yet-straight silhouette of pampas grass or the bold greens of dried willow eucalyptus, these stems are products of imaginative and intentional design. This is because the florist gets to dye the foliage and blooms to a specific color, gaining more control over the final product instead of banking on seasonal availability. This color stability also means that when you take care of a dried bouquet, it can last for years. Which ones are the best to give this fall? Here is a sample of some of our favorite fall flowers:

The Best Dried Bouquets for Fall

  1. Pampas Grass
  2. Anything with Bunny Tails
  3. Orange and Gold Bouquets
  4. Pink Accents

Pampas Grass

Perfect for “just because” gifts, housewarming, or a little treat for yourself, stems of dried pampas grass in their natural color are excellent decor for the fall. When you get a gift like The Pampas, you get a neutral piece that can dress up your home throughout the year. In the summer, it can balance out bright colors or enhance nautical themes. In the fall, the natural tan color of pampas grass blends so well with the rich burgundy, orange, and purple hues that are iconic of the season. Take this bundle of grass and let them stand alone in a vase of your choosing — the level of upgrade is up to you. Whether you choose a clear glass vase or a luxe charcoal artisan vase, this dried arrangement looks good alone or mixed with some fresh fall blooms from your garden.

  • Pro Tip: If you want a pampas grass gift with the vase details already included, go with The Quill. This bouquet includes 17 stems of 15-inch pampas grass in a gorgeous mouth-blown glass vase that has some subtle color gradient details.

Anything with Bunny Tails

When you want the right combination of soft, playful, and cheerful, dried bunny tails will complete your fall bouquet. This classic ornamental edging plant, found in gardens around the world, also makes marvelous dried accents that can last for years. They can also be dyed in a variety of long-lasting colors to create a custom color scheme for fall. With long, thin stems topped with fuzzy “poofs” that look just like rabbit tails, this plant adds whimsical beauty to many dried arrangements. Here are some of our favorites with these stems:

  • The Avery, which is a delightful mix of purple and natural-colored Bunny Tails and natural Eulalia. This makes the purple puffs really pop, while the tan sprigs of Eulalia create a soft and lacy background to balance the scene.
  • The Laredo is a gorgeous two-toned vase that holds a wealth of naturally dried bunny tails. Named after the iconic city in Texas, you can just feel the warm weather vibes coming from these sandy-colored stems. This neutral hue is fitting for any fall interior design need, supplementing bouquets with other fall flowers like chrysanthemums, asters, and pansies.

Orange & Gold Bouquets

Fall is a season that comes with a lot of change for fall dried flowers. The lush green and bright, colorful flowers of summer make way for changes of color in the sky and surrounding foliage. As the leaves transform from green, yellow, red, to brown, so do the types of seasonal flowers change. Dominant colors shift from bright pinks and blues to more iconic autumn hues like orange, yellow, and gold. When you browse dried bouquets for fall decorating, you’re sure to find these colors in season. Since fall dried flowers can be custom-dyed to meet your styling needs, this makes it even easier to find these hues available at this time of year.

  • Our yellow and gold favorite: The Gold Rush, a dazzling mix of dried broom blooms, strawflowers, and immortelle flowers intentionally dyed in yellow and orange. This combination of texture integrated with a soft color contrast makes it a sight to admire. It comes with a smooth white vase that draws attention even more to the colors above. When you care for this arrangement, it can last for years. It’s also easy to adapt this bouquet to the changing seasons by incorporating it into other decorative themes, such as mixing pink silk flowers or artificial green foliage into the bouquet in the spring and summer.

Pink Accents

If you want a dried bouquet that will turn heads, look to the color pink. No matter what type of flowers and foliage you choose, this color ensures that your arrangement makes a statement in any room it's in. Modern and feminine, pink dried arrangements add a touch of luxury to your space.

  • Our favorite pink bouquet: The Icon is an exquisite vision in pink with cloudlike tufts of white. This luxe bouquet of pink pampas, thistle, stargrass, and mini starflower is sure to impress. The wide array of textures in this arrangement add to its dreamlike appearance. Since each item is hand-dyed, the colors may vary slightly, but the spirit of red and green stay the same.

Dried Bouquets for Fall

Dried arrangements are fitting additions to your fall decorating plans. Find a delightful selection of dried bouquets to beautify your space here. Whether you want a one-time delivery or to order a flower delivery subscription, we’ll help you get the blooms you need whenever you want them.


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