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Sympathy Gifting

04/02/2020 By UrbanStems

Sending a token of your sympathy to someone coping with the loss of a loved one is a kind and thoughtful gesture. The simple act of letting them know you care can mean so much. You can express your condolences and share in the person’s grief in a variety of ways. Sympathy gifting with flowers is common, along with a card that you can personalize with a poignant message of love and support.


Sending the Right Flowers

If you’re thinking of sending a sympathy bouquet, you may wonder about the most appropriate flowers to give. Since blossoms are just as meaningful as they are beautiful, it’s worth selecting the right types to convey your message. Among the most common flowers given at funerals are lilies. When you want to send something before or after the service to the family, consider this beautiful, long treasured flower. It represents hope and is a peaceful color that won’t overwhelm the space.

Another option is the beloved carnation. Offering a light fragrance and the advantage of longevity — an important benefit, since the recipient may not be focused on care and maintenance during this difficult time — carnations are available in a variety of shades that are suitable for sympathy gifting. Consider white, a pure hue that reflects innocence and gentleness. Pink is another appropriate choice that is perfect for expressing your love and compassion.

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While roses are traditionally associated with romance, they also happen to make a worthy choice if you’re selecting a flower that resonates with the depths of emotion and sorrow. Remember that it’s often difficult to find the right words during these difficult moments. A rose, in all of its simple, classic beauty, can say so much. A white rose is a soft and gentle flower evoking innocence and simplicity. You might choose yellow if the person was a dear friend of yours. Peach is another choice that is at once subtly elegant and perfect for expressing your sorrow. Other common options for sympathy gift-giving include hyacinths, chrysanthemums, orchids, and forget-me-nots.

If you’re aware that the recipient enjoys a particular type of flower or the person who passed loved a specific color or blossom, consider sending this option — it’s a thoughtful way to show that you’re truly thinking about them.

When to Send

It’s customary to send flowers to funerals, of course. In that case, you might wish to send a more substantial arrangement. If you’re sending something to the family or to a particular person at their home or office, it’s a kind gesture to do so either before or after the service. UrbanStems gives you the option of same-day or next-day delivery. Even just sending something a few weeks later will still be a sweet way to let them know that they remain in your heart and in your mind. You can say so much with a beautiful flower arrangement.

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White peonies and roses make their way into some of our recommend sympathy bouquets.

Sympathy SidebySide

Our Murano orchid adds a touch of color and remains a classic choice for a sympathy send

Regardless, we know sending for sympathy is never easy. Bouquet or not, what's most important during this time is to let your recipient know you're there for them during such a difficult time.


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