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With leaves that resemble lily pads from one of Monet's famous works of art, the pilea is a playful plant that's fairly easy to care for. Also known as the friendship plant, its unique look makes this plant perfect for a variety of home décor styles, including bohemian, midcentury modern, and contemporary. The geometric vessel comes directly from a women-led ceramic design studio based in Kansas City. Each piece is made in the USA and brought to life thanks to a team of talented and resilient artisans using traditional handmade techniques.

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What's Included

4"-5" Pilea Peperomioides in a 3.50" x 4.50" x 5.50" Ivory Porcelain Planter and Dish

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Water Weekly: Allow my potting mix to dry out completely between waterings.

Indirect Light: I do best with bright to medium indirect light, but can tolerate low indirect light. Make sure I’m not in intense, direct sunlight. 

About Your Pilea Peperomioides: My round leaves earned me the nickname Chinese Money Plant or Pancake Plant, I can grow like crazy and can become a great gifting source for your friends! Just propagate one of the pup plants and share the love!


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