The Babar

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They say an elephant never forgets. Your memory may not be quite as impressive, but we guarantee this golden planter is something that’ll be remembered forever.

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2"-6" Air Plant in a 10.50" x 3" x 5" Golden Plastic Elephant Planter

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The Classics Collection

Water Bi-Weekly: Allow me to dry out completely between waterings. Simply soak me in a bowl of water for 15-20 minutes every 2 weeks and let me dry before putting me back in my container.

Indirect Light: I do best with bright to medium indirect light, but can tolerate low indirect light. Make sure I’m not in intense, direct sunlight. 

About Your Air Plant: Even though an elephant never forgets, it’s okay if you forget to water me once in a while! I’m one of the easiest plants for first-time plant parents, but I’m still lots of fun to have around for seasoned green thumbs. 


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