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Best Flowers For Mother's Day

By UrbanStems

Best flowers to send for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of the most memorable highlights of spring, and nothing makes it more special than giving your mom a colorful bouquet. By ordering a single stem or multi-floral gift, you can tell your mother exactly how you feel — whether you live just around the corner or are miles away.

The best flowers for Mother's Day can be any blooms that she holds dear. As long as it’s a gift from the heart, it’s sure to make an impact. If you need some ideas, here are some of the best flowers for Mother's Day that make thoughtful and beautiful gifts. At UrbanStems, you can find everything from classic favorites to luxe, modern works of art.


Peonies have been treasured for thousands of years across the world, so much that they even have roles in ancient Greek and Chinese legends! Needless to say, this gorgeous, billowy flower has taken on a variety of meanings over the years.

The multiple petals of this cupped bloom signify romance, good fortune, prosperity and wealth, joy, honor, compassion, and bashfulness. Whether you get a single-stem arrangement or a blended bouquet, peonies add a graceful touch of color and delicate beauty to any gift. They come in a variety of colors so that each arrangement you order can be just as unique and fresh as the last. These are some of the top peony picks:

  • The Peony: If your mother is the definition of grace and joy, then give her the flower that represents these traits. The Peony is an arrangement of 10 single-stem pink peonies. Like a cluster of delicate pillows, these blush-toned blooms will make a stunning entrance and lasting impact long after it’s delivered. If you want more, simply other Double the Peony, which contains 20 blooms.
  • The Pearl: This lush bouquet of white peonies offers a gentle and subtle splash of color with their pink centers. If your mother likes to see things transform and get better in time, she will love how this arrangement comes in bulb form then slowly unfurls into full blooms. The Pearl is available in a 10-stem single or a 20-stem double option. White is also a color that represents elegance and beauty, while pink honors her charm, so this is a gorgeous commemoration of a graceful and wonderful mother.
  • The Sunburst: If your mom’s a real firecracker with some spunk, then this bold bouquet of 10 pink peonies is just the right gift. This arrangement can also arrive in bud form and slowly open to show off its stunning colors. She will be especially charmed by the golden centers that are revealed as the petals open. Depending on what's available, the colors may fall on the spectrum between pink and red.


This springtime favorite comes out in droves as soon as the weather warms up. Tulips every shade represent a different sentiment, but all under the umbrella of perfect love. For your mom, pick something cheerful like yellow, which signifies a loving friendship, or go for a blend of colors to honor her beauty, charm, and femininity. These tulip gifts are excellent points of reference for something that is in high demand for Mother’s Day:

  • The Jansen: Double tulips offer something extra special because their texture is somewhat unexpected. The Jansen is a bouquet of 12 or 24 yellow double tulips that have a surprising ruffled and shaggy silhouette that deviates from the traditional single tulip. This sunny arrangement is ideal for any mom who loves bright and cheerful colors. Tulips are also hypoallergenic due to their sticky pollen, so it’s a welcome gift for anyone who has spring allergies.
  • The Tula: This spectacular assortment of bright-colored tulips is a memorable single-stem gift. The delightful variety of yellow, pink, orange and red double tulips are just as refreshing as their green speared leaves. This effortlessly beautiful gift is suitable for many springtime occasions, but it’s particularly fitting for Mother’s Day. Choose a 12-stem or a 24-stem bouquet to get just the right-sized gift for her!

Garden Roses

While standard roses have a pointed shape and an iconic rounded center, garden roses have a softer, puffier silhouette. The petals circulate several center points to create a more circular shape with a more unfurled and ruffled look. If you’re looking for an arrangement with beautiful pink garden roses, check out The Regatta.

This blended arrangement is luxury defined — bursting with sunset pink with serene blues. Named after a sailboat, this arrangement is inspired by the seaside and the warm sunset that reflects upon the waters. Garden roses are deftly nestled with other flowers like the ranunculus, mini calla lilies, and delphinium. If your mother enjoys high-end arrangements that leave nothing to chance, she will be impressed and moved by this intricately designed bouquet!


Known for its countless petals closely wrapped in a cute disc, these pretty dome-shaped blooms are popular companions in multi-floral arrangements for their proximity to roses and double tulips. The ranunculus also stands well alone in single-stem arrangements. This flower often symbolizes charm and beauty, so it’s a wonderful gift for a mother who you think is beautiful in both appearance and character.


This fragrant flower has long held a regal appeal, representing serenity, grace, and calm. It’s also known as folk medicine to promote rest and reduce stress. If your mother is like a refreshing, healing breeze, then any gift with lavender in it will suit her. Whether you find an arrangement with fresh or dried lavender, the color of the bloom is still bold and adds greater depth of color and texture.

For instance, The Lavender is a spectacular wreath made of dried lavender and craspedia with fresh greenery. Let it adorn your mother’s door or hang somewhere prominent in the home so she can always be reminded of how much you love her.


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