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5 Reasons to Send Dried Flowers for Mother's Day

By UrbanStems

Why you should send dried flowers and dried bouquets for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special holiday where we celebrate and honor the incredible mothers in our lives. Whether you are celebrating your own mother or the women in your life who are mothers, this is a beautiful opportunity to show your love and appreciation for all that they do. Mothers, after all, have brought us all the miracle of life and deserve to be celebrated and showered with love on their special day.

It is always a good idea to give gifts to the mothers in your life on Mother’s Day. While fresh flowers are a popular and timeless choice for Mother’s Day gifts, dried flowers are also a splendid idea and make a uniquely beautiful and long-lasting gift. Dried flower arrangements are a unique and exquisite gift that might just be perfect for the mothers in your life. Here’s why you should consider sending dried flowers for Mother’s Day this year.

Uniquely Beautiful

Fresh flowers are always true stunners with their life, color, and fragrance. However, a dried flower arrangement definitely comes with its own ethereal and unique beauty that makes it different from fresh flowers, but no less beautiful. Dried floral bouquets have a special kind of beauty to them with their muted hues, sun-bleached florals, and rich textures. Just like fresh flowers, dried flowers come in many different shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. Dried flowers have their own personality and warm essence that they bring into a space. A dried floral arrangement often feels sunny, delicate, dynamic, and vintage. Like fresh flower arrangement, they also capture a mood which feels perfectly unique to dried flower arrangements. You’ll pleasantly surprise your mother this Mother’s Day with a gorgeous bouquet of dried flowers.


Truly the gift that keeps on giving, dried flowers last much longer than their fresher counterparts. Where freshly cut flowers can last up to two weeks when properly cared for, dried flowers can last up to several months to even years. The process of drying flowers for floral arrangements is incredibly meticulous to ensure the perfect end result that will last for months. This means that your mother will get to enjoy her Mother’s Day gift for much longer than if you had given her a fresh bouquet of flowers. While fresh bouquets have their own charms and beauty, dried flower bouquets are truly special for how long they able to be enjoyed. Built to last and designed to be utterly gorgeous, dried floral arrangements are one of those special and unique ways to gift someone the beauty of flowers.

Low Maintenance

Another reason to give dried flowers for Mother’s Day is that these stunning arrangements are incredibly low maintenance. For fresh-cut flowers to last longer, it’s important to give them fresh water, plant nutrients, and occasionally spritz them with water in a spray bottle. While changing the water for your fresh flowers isn’t like moving a mountain, sometimes it’s nice to simply enjoy long-lasting blooms without needing to maintain them. Dried flowers are a nice break from watering and spritzing because they require almost zero maintenance while still lasting for months. If your mother doesn’t like to maintain things, or you think she deserves a little break, a bouquet of dried flowers is going to be a wonderful surprise for her. Dried flowers need next to nothing and are perfectly content sitting in their vase looking stunning for months on end.

If your mother loves her dried flowers as much as we do, there are a few things she can do to help them last a little longer. Keeping dried flowers away from moisture will ensure that they don’t grow mold. This means keeping dried flowers out of steamy bathrooms and away from humidifiers. Keeping dried flowers out of direct sunlight will also help dried bouquets keep their color and vibrance. Direct sunlight can fade dried flowers and make their delicate stems more brittle and prone to breakage. If you like keeping a tidy space, dried flowers can be dusted. Use a hairdryer on a low cold setting to gently blow any accumulated dust off of the dried petals, leaves, and stems. Even if you do none of these low maintenance tasks, chances are your dried floral arrangement will still endure for months after Mother’s Day.


Some mothers have allergies or hay fever, which makes sending a fresh bundle of flowers a risky business. One of the great perks of dried floral arrangements is that they are risk-free for those who suffer from hay fever. Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers don’t have any pollen. Pollen can be a major trigger for those with environmental allergies. For those who do suffer from allergies to fresh flowers, a bouquet of dried flowers is a wonderful way that they can enjoy all the beauty and joy of a bouquet of flowers without the allergic reaction. If you know a mama who suffers from seasonal allergies, but who also loves flowers, sending her a dried flower bouquet will make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Dried Bouquets to Choose From

Like fresh flowers, dried flowers come in many different designs, styles, arrangements, color palettes, and textures. There are many different dried floral experiences to choose from that any mother is sure to adore. Choose an arrangement that is super sunny and warm from being sun-bleached or an arrangement that comes with delicately dyed dried flowers and muted hues that offers a more dynamic experience.

The Malibu is one of our most beloved dried floral arrangements. Capturing all the sunny feels of relaxing along the coastline of Malibu, this warm arrangement of subtle yellows, flairs of soft blues, delicate oranges, and flairs of earthy-colored bunny tails makes a stunning statement. This arrangement is sure to bring the brightness of sunshine into Mom’s life for Mother’s Day.

The Aspen is reminiscent of golden and silvery aspens in the autumn, coupled with the brilliant white snow of winter. This cream-colored bouquet is monochrome in its color scheme while being uniquely dynamic in its textures. This dried floral arrangement is a perfect yet minimalist floral experience that any mother is sure to fall in love with.

Just because the flowers are dried doesn’t mean they have to be devoid of color. The Juneau is a grand and vibrant dried floral arrangement that captures a sense of enduring beauty and richness.

These dried flowers come in vibrant shades of purple, burgundy, and sea green to create a dramatic and distinct floral experience. This arrangement certainly makes a statement as is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for the mother who loves rich textures and colors. These are just a few of the many dried floral arrangements we offer. Whatever you choose, a dried flower bouquet is a Mother’s Day gift that Mom is certain to love.


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