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Why You Should Send Peonies For Mother's Day

By UrbanStems

Why you should send peonies for Mother's Day

As tulips are to spring, peonies are to Mother’s Day. These beautiful and highly fragrant blooms are the perfect flowers for mothers to brighten their day and warm their hearts. While the truth is that every day is mother’s day, the holiday itself is a special day where we have the opportunity to celebrate the mothers in our lives. Whether you are looking to send your own mother a gift for Mother’s Day, or to show the other mothers in your life some love, Mother’s Day is a wonderful chance to shower these miraculous women in your life with love and appreciation.

Beyond the warm hugs and sweetly written notes, what says, “I love you and appreciate all that you do” better than a big bountiful bouquet of fresh spring blooms? Make Mother’s Day especially special this year with a floral arrangement of peonies. Peonies are a wonderful flower choice for Mother’s Day.

Peonies are in Season

Perhaps one of the most natural reasons why peonies are a favorite choice for mothers on Mother’s Day is because they are in season. Peonies are a special flower rarity in that they only bloom during the spring, making them a rare treat. Mother’s Day falls on May 8th, which is the perfect time for freshly blossomed peonies. Peonies themselves love to come out in the late spring and early summer, making them an especially joyful and heartwarming flower that captures the essence of the season.

It feels particularly fitting that this flower that embodies the essence of a season that embodies the nature of motherhood itself. Peonies are just one of those flowers that feel special, as they remind you of the energy of the early summer. Similarly, peonies make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day as they remind us all of the prolific beauty and generosity of the women who gave us life. Perfectly capture the mood of the day and the season with a big bouquet of billowing peonies for the mothers in your life.

Effortless Beauty

Peonies are true stunners filled with a natural and wild beauty that feels effortless. In fact, one of the most charming qualities of peonies is their effortless beauty. Where English roses offer a tamed beauty, peonies offer more wildness in their rich dimensions and unique petal formations. These lush and showy flowers are perfectly ravishing with their globe-like shape luscious petals. Any mother is going to love waking up to these enchanting and radiant beauties every morning. Like roses, these striking blossoms can look amazing all on their own or arranged in a mixed floral bouquet. In a floral arrangement, peonies always add a pillowy volume and soft dimension to a bouquet. No matter what you mix peonies within a bouquet, they never get lost and always making a showy statement.

Native to Asia, Europe, and North America, peonies have been traditionally associated with beauty and royalty in many different cultures. In fact, in China peonies were often called “the queen of flowers”. With its legendary beauty and royal associations, the peony makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Easy With a Big Impact

Peonies also make a great Mother’s Day gift because they are easy to source in the spring and offer a big impact experience. Springtime brings with it a real abundance of peonies, making these lush blooms easy to get your hands on and even easier to make someone happy with. While peonies can sometimes be on the expensive side, it really doesn’t matter because any amount or arrangement of peony is going to leave a big and blooming lasting impression.

Whether you give your mother our 10-stem peony bouquet like The Daydream or a bouquet of a 20 peonies like our Double Pearl bouquet, these reliable flowers are always going to offer that “wow!” effect. Peonies are really a go-to flower for their grace, elegance, and explosive beauty, making them a great flower to give the mothers in your life on Mother’s Day. While they only really bloom in one short season in most regions of the world, they make excellent cut flowers that are easy to keep in a vase. As the buds bloom the whole experience of the flower slowly evolved and reveals its full impact.

Meaning and Symbolism

As though the sheer gorgeousness and heavenly fragrance of peonies weren’t enough, peonies also come with a wealth of meaning and symbolism, which makes them an even more profound and meaningful flower to give. Generally, peonies symbolize many beautiful meanings. Some of these are love, compassion, prosperity, good luck, happy marriage, romance, and royalty. Different colored peonies can also come with different meanings, making them an even more interesting flower.

Like many beautiful flowers, peonies are also featured in Greek mythology. One Greek myth says that the roots of the peony flower were used to heal the gods. In another tale, Zeus saves the physician of the gods from the wrath of one god by turning the physician into a flower. The man’s name was Paeon, which is where many say the name Peony comes from. Aside from their mythology, peonies come with many centuries of cultural significance. One of the most coveted flowers in the world, peonies have been cultivated throughout history for their alluring beauty and uses in medicine.

Giving a floral arrangement for Mother’s Day that features the striking elegance of peonies is a wonderful way to give something meaningful and significant. The beauty of the peony is not just surface level, but in fact, it has many layers of symbolism and significance.

The Best Kind of Peonies For Mother's Day

There are many kinds of peonies to choose from, but some are more suited than others for making the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet. From brilliant whites to rosy pinks and champagne glows, peonies come in an array of springtime colors and shapes. Give your mother a bouquet filled with cream white peonies that bring with them a radiance that will uplift anyone’s mood.

White peonies can often look like big piles of whip cream, making them not just sweet in scent, but in looks, too. Choose pink peonies for a bright and bold magnificence. Pink peonies come with undertones of coral, red, and salmon that make them a particularly dynamic addition to any bouquet. Another great choice of peony for Mother’s Day is the dusty pink-colored bloom. Sweet, subtle, and glowing, these fluffy blossoms open with a light pink hue that feels almost like bubbly champagne. While these are our top picks for the kinds of peonies to give to moms on Mother’s Day, the truth is Mom is going to be over the moon with any array of peonies.

Many of our bouquets feature the enchanting beauty of peonies that will sure make any mother’s heart jump with joy. Send the gift of peonies this Mother’s Day to the queens in your life as a wonderful and seasonal way to show your love and appreciation for all that they are and all that they do.


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