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A Guide to Picking the Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers

April 26, 2022

Woman gifting her mom Mother's Day flowers from UrbanStems.

Mother’s Day is upon us. Although it’s true that every day should be mother’s day — a chance to honor and appreciate the person who has shown you unconditional love right from the start — this holiday does present an extra special opportunity to celebrate your special relationship and thank her for everything she has done and continues to do for you.

It’s customary, of course, to give flowers, along with other beloved gifts like chocolate boxes, candles, and perfume. If you know what she loves, you might even splurge on some jewelry. Still, never discount the utter importance of adding flowers to any gift you choose to give. What makes them so special isn’t just that they’re beautiful, but that they’re downright meaningful.

This is why it’s important to be particular when choosing your Mother’s Day flowers. Every flower has a specific meaning. So your gift could have double the impact if you select something that is not only pleasing to the eye but also connects with her on a deeper level. Here’s how to select something that she is sure to remember.

How to Pick the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

  1. Focus on Aesthetics First
  2. Consider Her Personality
  3. Go for the Classics
  4. Flowers to Consider

Focus on Aesthetics First

It’s the physical beauty that initially attracts anyone to a flower. Consider the features that mom loves. Maybe there’s a specific flower that she finds especially appealing, or perhaps she is drawn to a certain color. Explore her world for details! Look around her home and observe the ways she uses flowers to decorate. Take note of any themes you may notice, like floral artwork on the walls or even on the clothes hanging in the closet.

Check for a common theme in the arrangements she displays in the home, too. Do you notice sunflowers that seem to be included in most of them? Then it’s practically a given that she likes them, which means she’ll be delighted to receive The Sonny. If it’s roses that color her world, delight her with something opulent, like The Mayfair. It’s a sophisticated arrangement that brims with lovely, old-world charm. Focusing on the aesthetics is an easy way to ensure that you’re on the right path when selecting flowers this Mother’s Day.

Consider Her Personality

It’s not just her taste in style and color that matter. Even her personality can play a role in guiding you to the right Mother’s Day bouquet. You probably already have a pretty good idea about what type of person she is, of course. Moms who are more casual and traditional may favor a more conventional bouquet featuring a variety of mixed stems in fun and colorful colors. This is an uplifting style that will make any day brighter but is sure to warm her heart on Mother’s Day.

By contrast, a modern mother with a minimalist streak is more likely to love a monochromatic arrangement. Single stems held in sleek vases are great for contemporary types, too, as are compact houseplants. As always, consider the meaning of the plant or flower before you choose. Think of the emotions that most resonate with your relationship, from love to strength to hope.

Go for the Classics

Some people just don’t know what their mom would like. Maybe she lives far away, so you can’t exactly go through her home, or you feel like knowing her personality traits isn’t enough information to help you make the right choice for this special day. If that’s the case, guess what? It’s no problem. Mom will never say no to a bouquet that’s packed with meaning. Look for classics that have enduring appeal.

Tulips, for example, are representative of perfect, enduring love. What could be better for spotlighting the special bond that you share with your dear mom? Double The Celia practically glows, it’s so beautiful — and she’ll love the rich pink and bright white blooms and those lush green stems. Roses are another option, perfect for celebrating any kind of love that is true and pure. Delight her with something that brims with obvious charm, like The Metropolitan. It’s a classy showpiece nestled in a stylish charcoal vase that she’ll use over and over again.

Flowers to Consider

Shopping for Mother’s Day flowers doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. It helps to understand the meaning behind popular blooms, from the aforementioned tulips and roses to other favorites that have stood the test of time.


The lily is a sculpturally striking flower that stands apart for its stunning looks. Distinctive petals lend it the kind of awe-inspiring beauty that turns heads every time. It helps that they are tall, towering confidently over any arrangement in which they preside. In the Chinese culture, the daylily is a symbol of motherhood, making the flower especially appropriate to give on this holiday. The humble white calla lily is reflective of genuine beauty. All varieties add style and ornamental grace to your bouquet. Try The Bella to bring an instant smile to her face.


Few flowers are as synonymous with Mother’s Day as carnations. Frilly and downright pretty, the popular bloom brings any arrangement to life with its lively look. The pink carnation is said to reflect one’s eternal love and devotion to their mother.


It’s rare to find a flowering plant as meaningful and special as the orchid. Primarily regarded as a regal flower, it was once considered an especially rare gift to give. Today, it may be more widely available than ever, but its deep meaning hasn’t changed. Orchids are representative of the kinds of emotions and sentiments that directly connect to your relationship with her. The pink orchid, for example, stands for love and grace, while purple expresses your admiration for her in style. The Zahra offers a combination of outward beauty and zen-like style.

Ultimately, remember that it’s all about the sentiment behind the gift. You can never go wrong when you surprise her with something that comes from the heart. Add a card with a thoughtful message expressing how grateful you are for her — and prepare for her to be dazzled.


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