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Why Dried Arrangements are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Close up of Valentine's Day dried flower arrangement

Every year a trend dominates the floral industry. One year it might be a certain color, and the next, it may be a specific bloom. One that’s continued to reign over the last few years is dried flowers. There’s a reason for their popularity — they’re incredibly versatile, stylish, sophisticated, timeless, and easy to maintain.

Those factors alone set them apart from standard bouquets, which, while incredibly beautiful, do require considerable time and energy to keep in great shape. If you’re searching for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for someone special this year, a dried flower arrangement may be exactly the thing. What makes it such a special choice? Here are some reasons to consider it.

Why Give Dried Arrangements on Valentine’s Day?

  1. They Require Little to No Care
  2. They Liven Up Any Space
  3. They Offer Eco-Friendly Beauty
  4. They’re Simply Beautiful Gifts
  5. They Can Repurpose Dried Flowers

They Require Little to No Care

Maintenance is definitely the key word when it comes to keeping most plants and flowers alive. Just ask anyone who’s been on the receiving end of a gorgeous bouquet, only to realize that it’s looking decidedly less gorgeous just a few days later. Without regular TLC, any living arrangement has the potential to wilt and lose that fabulous luster very quickly.

Dried arrangements stand out because they’re expressly the opposite. They look beautiful but don’t require any care or attention. They simply last and last and last. That’s a huge advantage for anyone whose home doesn’t receive enough natural sunlight to nurture flowers or plants. It’s also a big deal for anyone who doesn’t have time to tend to a bouquet or who doesn’t quite possess a green thumb. A dried bouquet brings the same high level of beauty to their world but doesn’t call on them to spend too much time on them.

Of course, some attention is a good thing. For example, any inanimate object in the home is bound to gather some dust after a while. So dusting off the arrangement, either with a small handheld fan or a clean duster, is an easy way to refresh its appearance. And your recipient can prevent discoloration of the stems by keeping the arrangement out of direct sunlight.

They Liven Up Any Space

There’s something inherently chic about dried flower arrangements. More than just a fleeting trend, they’ve rightly earned their place in the realms of classic home décor. They’re perfect for dressing up any space, whether it’s the entryway of the home or the bedside table. They’re even great for adding an interesting focal point to an otherwise lackluster office or a slightly dim room.

Your Valentine is sure to appreciate the sentiment even more when they discover just how easy it is to incorporate dried arrangements in their living space. Feathery pampas grass on the landing? Thistle adding some personality to the desktop? Pops of Craspedia adding color to their world? There’s so much to love about the sheer excitement and visual interest that dried arrangements bring to their interior design.

They Offer Eco-Friendly Beauty

As the object of your affections, they always bring a smile to your face — and that’s likely your goal for them, too. Dried arrangements have a knack for making your special someone feel even more special! This is just a thoughtful gift, through and through. In a world where everyone aims to reduce their carbon footprint, for example, giving the gift of dried flowers is somehow even more meaningful because you can help them live more sustainably. If that’s important to your love, they’ll be especially touched by the gesture.

Dried arrangements don’t take a toll on the environment since there’s no waste involved. That’s the kind of gift you can feel good about giving, especially to the person who is fully committed to doing good for the planet. You’ll show that what’s important to them is just as important to you.

They’re Simply Beautiful Gifts

You’d be surprised at just how many different types of dried floral arrangements you can find. It’s easy to find the style that’s just right for your significant other. Purchase a beautiful arrangement in a stylish vase, like The Dunes. This show-stopping beauty commands attention with its rich ivory and cream palette. Set in a contemporary ceramic vase, it’s the stuff of dreams — and it’s sure to send a loving message to your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Do they love red roses? Then they’ll be delighted to receive The Bianca this year. With pops of bright red brimming from a medley of soft ivories and creams, it exudes a romantic vibe. This is a fascinating arrangement that takes Valentine’s Day beauty to the next level. It even comes with a shapely vase that perfectly complements the long, lean stems.

Oh, so pink! The Tutu is a chic arrangement brimming with blush tones. This uplifting arrangement is sure to make your love smile and create a unique and lively palette that will bring instant sunshine to their day. What more could you want for your Valentine.

The Soho is a celebration of all things sophisticated. Named after the bustling neighborhood, this arrangement was made to stand out. The vivid and expressive medley of pampas grass, eucalyptus, and ruscus is sure to wow, and it will look glorious dressing up any table in the home.

They Can Repurpose Dried Flowers

Is your loved one pretty creative? Then you’re one step ahead of them when you give them a dried arrangement. While they’ll love putting it on display, there’s magic to be found in the many ways they can get creative with it, too. They can snip some steps and create homemade potpourri, for example, or press them into the pages of a thick book and then frame the flattened flower. They can even display them in different ways. Hanging them upside down on the wall instantly creates a unique focal point that feels both artisanal and luxurious.

Dried flower arrangements are absolute treasures, especially when you consider both their beauty and their ability to remain perpetually fresh. There’s no better way to surprise the person you love the most this Valentine’s Day.


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