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How to Decorate with Dried Bouquets for Christmas

December 20, 2022

Close up of a trendy dried bouquet perfect for decorating for the holidays

Truth be told, it doesn’t take much effort to make the case for dried bouquets. The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year to incorporate these eye-catching arrangements in your home and even the workplace. They’re stylish and elegant, with an earthy undertone that lends them a more laid-back quality than their fresh counterparts.

The festive season also happens to be an apt time of year to invite dried arrangements into your life for another very obvious reason: there are hundreds of gorgeous options that brim with the spirit of the moment, making them perfect for inviting a touch of that feeling into your living space.

Even if you decorate with nothing more than a dried bouquet for Christmas, you can be certain it will have a lasting impact — and transform your surroundings into an attractive winter wonderland. Here are some decorating and styling ideas to help you make the most of your arrangement during the holiday season.

How to Decorate with Dried Bouquets for Christmas

  1. Why Decorate with Dried Flowers?
  2. How Can You Use Them During Christmas?
  3. What Are Some Unique Christmas Ideas?

Why Decorate with Dried Flowers?

The most obvious reason to make dried flowers an integral part of your holiday decorating scheme is longevity. Once they’re in your home, you can count on them to stay there — and to continue looking just as beautiful for as long as you have them. The average arrangement has the potential to last for up to a decade — or maybe longer. The good news is you don’t have to do much to maintain them, as the hard work of drying the flowers has already been done.

What’s more, dried arrangements can essentially be left alone. Forget about watering soil, trimming leaves, or cutting stems to a certain angle every couple of days. Your flowers will keep their style and silhouette for years, no matter what you do. Plus, if you’re decorating with them during the holiday season, you can be confident that they’ll add their uniquely festive flair to any event. Whether it’s an evening at home with your family, a small gathering with those closest to you, or an elaborate winter wedding, trust in dried flowers to bring something extra special to your surroundings.

You’re busy enough during this time of year, after all. The last thing you need to worry about is maintaining a bouquet! You can essentially set and forget your dried arrangement, basking in its beauty and reveling in the fact that you’ve got a stylish seasonal accent that will look its best throughout the coming months.

How Can You Use Them During Christmas?

There’s more you can do with dried flowers during Christmas than meets the eye. Begin with the obvious by placing your dried bouquets in locations that catch the eye or in spaces that could benefit from a stylish little boost that ties into the holiday season. The Heath is a beautiful example of a dried arrangement that coordinates nicely with this brilliant time of year. Marrying shades of deep crimson with lavish gold, it exudes a festive quality that will bring a smile to your face each time you see it.

Dried arrangements also make great centerpieces! They can look right at home in any formal space, whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner for guests or just putting together a fancier-than-usual dinner for the family. You have plenty of options, like The Catskill. This is an earthier option that still exudes a seasonal touch thanks to its medley of spice-toned colors coupled with neutral accents.

Given that dark skies come early during wintertime, an arrangement like The Naomi makes a fantastic choice if you just want to liven things up during the darker months. Vibrant mustards set against a backdrop of bold pinks and purples lend the bouquet its naturally sunny and uplifting vibe — it’s great for brightening up anything from the kitchen table to the desk in your home office.

What About Some Unique Christmas Ideas?

In addition to simply putting them on display, you can also take a different approach to putting dried flower arrangements on display for Christmas. Take a step in a different direction by plucking a few stems from a bouquet and using those to fill up clear plastic baubles. You’ll need to gently snip away the portions or petals that you want to show off, taking your time to either fill the bauble entirely with some filler (like rose petals) and pressing your dried flowers of choice so that they face the exterior, allowing them to show whenever you gaze at the baubles. Hang them up on the tree and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you customized your Christmas decorations in a highly creative way this year.

You can also create your own take on a dried flower arrangement by mixing and matching stems to create entirely new, seasonally appropriate bouquets that are all your own. These can go anywhere in the home, but they also happen to make great gifts for anyone who appreciates Mother Nature’s beauty. And who wouldn’t appreciate flowers that will last and last — and that don’t even require any additional care and maintenance?

If you’re hosting dinner, you might even place a small bundle or a miniature bouquet of dried flowers by each person’s plate at the table. It adds a hint of ethereal charm to the environment and gets the meal started out on the right note. People appreciate when you go the extra mile, and you’ll enjoy that it’s a relatively simple task that won’t take an inordinate amount of time to achieve.

Dried flowers are also very easy to handle. You can use them to adorn different areas of the home, adding a festive touch to unexpected spaces that you may not have even thought to decorate previously. Attach a few lone stems to a mirror, for example, or line a mantle with a few stems from a favorite arrangement. Take small jam or mason jars and fill them with smaller stems. Just one or two dried flowers exude a modern and refined look, perfect for a home that’s more minimal in design.

You can’t go wrong with a dried bouquet. It adds color and personality to your home during the Christmas season, and it’s great for everything from decorating to gifting. Once you make it a key part of your celebrations, you’ll wonder how you ever decorated without it.


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