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14 Classic Bouquets to Gift to Your Mother This Mother's Day

April 6, 2023

Close up of various classic flowers to gift for Mother's Day

Choosing a floral bouquet for Mother’s Day can become a pleasant dilemma, with so many beautiful choices. How do you pick the one perfect gift among the profusion of roses, peonies, lilies, tulips, and more? It’s not an easy task, but this handy guide will help you make the best choice.

One way to pick a classic bouquet to gift to your mother this Mother’s Day is to choose the flower first, and then everything else falls into place. Or you could pick a bouquet by the style that best suits your mother, whether it’s sophisticated, cheerful, graceful, or dreamy. It’s still not easy to choose just one, but at least it’s a start.

Table of Contents

Choosing a Bouquet by Flower

  1. Roses
  2. Peonies
  3. Tulips
  4. Sunflowers
  5. Ranunculus
  6. Lillies
  7. Orchids
  8. Dried Floral Bouquets

Choosing a Bouquet by Style

  1. Sophisticated
  2. Cheerful
  3. Graceful
  4. Dreamy
  5. Serene
  6. Floral Gift Sets

Choosing a Bouquet By Flower


Roses are the eternal favorites and the best way to thank Mom for all she’s done for you and the family. For Mother’s Day, a bouquet of creamy pink roses like The Adore You, surrounded by ruscus and sprigs of greenery, is a classic choice for expressing your love and thanks.


The peony is an elegant flower and, with its beautiful shapes and subtle fragrance, is a thoughtful gift. You could go with The Peony, with ten classic pink stems, or Double The Grower’s Choice Peony, with a mix of colors from cream to pale and bright pinks to vivid magenta.

The bouquet of peonies will arrive in bud form and slowly open to reveal their color and scent. With proper care, they can last up to 10 days.


Tulips are lively harbingers of spring and are associated with happiness. The Parasol is a burst of tulips with multicolored petals from white to dusty pink to nearly red, and The Tulip is a collection of tulips in classic colors, including pink, yellow, and purple. Whichever you choose, it will make Mom smile every time she looks at it as it sits in her living room or on the kitchen counter.


Sunflowers are naturally cheerful and optimistic flowers with their bright colors and their habit of turning their heads to follow the sun. Send Mom these symbols of happiness with The Sonny, which has golden sunflowers mingled with baby’s breath and sprigs of ruscus greenery.


The delicate petals and rounded shape of ranunculus make them a favorite in floral bouquets. They also mix well with other flowers, and The Peachy has peach ranunculus along with garden roses and carnations.


There are few flowers more graceful than a lily, and they come with deep symbolic and spiritual meanings. The Lilibet is a charming collection of pink roselillies in shades from bright bubblegum to pastel. It’s also a nod to the regal qualities all moms possess.


Orchids are actually usually gifted as live plants rather than bouquets of cut flowers, and that’s all the better as their beauty and scent will last for a long time. The Zahra has a bowl of classic orchids that are easy to care for and will tell your mom how precious she is to you.

Dried Flower Bouquets

Dried flower bouquets have all the charm of fresh-cut flowers, and they last way longer. And they need no care at all. The Avery, with dried grasses and bunny tails in beige and lavender, will delight her for days and days.

Choosing a Bouquet by Style


That undefinable quality that lends elegance to everything she does is one of your mom’s leading characteristics. The perfect gift for her is The Henley, a classic symphony of colors with a profusion of roses, lilies, delphinium, thistle, and snapdragons in velvet shades of pink, blue, and sunset. Eucalyptus leaves add a refreshing and energizing scent.


In the finest tradition of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, your mom is always upbeat and looks on the bright side of things. To pay tribute to her spirit, send her The Firecracker, a lively collection of roses in shades of orange cream and sunset mixed with golden craspedia and blue thistles. It’s sure to brighten the day and bring back happy memories of all your times together.


She’s been the most loving mother and now is the best grandmother to your kids. The Manor, with roses in shades of soft pink and cream, along with ranunculus, lavender, and eucalyptus, is a perfect match for her gentle ways, under which there is a core of steel.


Moms are people, too, and come in all types and varieties. Your dreamy and artistic Mom encouraged you to follow your dreams with courage, and you can show your appreciation with The Unicorn. The sweet mixture of roses and aster in hues of purple, lavender, lilac, and pink evokes imagination and strength.


A tranquil home can be one of the greatest gifts. But it can be difficult sometimes to find the right words to thank your mother for a serene and happy childhood. The Luna with roses, delphinium, snapdragons, and thistles in calm shades of ivory, lavender, purple, and deep blue will say all you want to without words.

Floral Gift Sets

As we all know, hardworking moms rarely take any time off for themselves. Another great gift idea is to add small self-care items like bath bombs or candy and scented candles for a day of indulgence.

For example, The Spring Bloom is full of seasonal stems and comes complete with a cube of mouthwatering caramel candies from Sugarfina.

Finding the right classic bouquet to give your mother this Mother’s Day can be difficult, with so many temptingly beautiful choices. Picking a gift according to her favorite flower or her style and character will help you pick the right one.


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