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The Best Floral Gifts To Give for Any Anniversary

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Anniversary flowers are always fun to give. Whether you want flowers for your spouse, a friend, coworker, or family member, a bouquet that celebrates love is always a great idea. The best flowers for anniversaries are thoughtful and symbolize the number of years of marriage. Although there are traditions regarding flower selection, there is also a lot of freedom regarding what you can give. Overall, generous bouquets that have meaningful flowers to honor love and commitment trump any rules. However, if you want to strike a good balance between traditional and contemporary bouquet styles, you’ll find plenty of options when you shop around. If you need assistance finding the best anniversary flowers by year, check out this handy guide.

Best Floral Gifts for Any Anniversary

  1. Why Different Flowers?
  2. 1st Anniversary: Carnations
  3. 5th Anniversary: Daisies
  4. 10th Anniversary: Daffodils
  5. 20th Anniversary: Asters
  6. 30th Anniversary: Lilies
  7. 40th Anniversary: Gladiolus
  8. 50th Anniversary: Roses and Violets

Why Different Flowers?

Over time, traditional flowers were established for each marital year across various cultures around the world. Some marriage years may have several flowers depending on the sources you find. Each flower has a unique meaning that commemorates the milestone, embracing new achievements and virtues gained by staying by each other’s side. If you are in doubt of what gift to give, go with the anniversary’s traditional flower. You can also pick a bouquet with a variety of blooms that include the flower that represents your couple’s year.

However, remember that the best gift comes from the heart. You have the freedom to choose your spouse or friend’s favorite flowers or colors. Mixed flowers, potted plants, dried flowers, and single-stem arrangements are also excellent anniversary gifts. To make your anniversary bouquet even more luxurious, attach a message and add-on gifts like chocolates or a scented candle.

1st Anniversary: Carnations

The carnation is the traditional flower of a first wedding anniversary. This bloom symbolizes innocence, admiration, and a strong martial foundation. Since carnations are often friendship flowers, they emphasize how a good bond is the basis of a strong marriage. Orange blossoms and pansies are also traditional first anniversary flowers, especially if they are in white to symbolize the purity of a love’s beginning.

  • Our pick: The Lorelai, a true vision in pink. With carnations, roses, and ruscus abound, there’s a variety of pillowy blooms to admire.

5th Anniversary: Daisies

Daisies mean "forever love." Their multiple rounded petals symbolize the layers of stories and excitement that are in store for the couple. Giving this flower for the 5th anniversary is both traditional and highly meaningful. It symbolizes your strong marital bond and the excitement that lays ahead. After five years, you have established a life together, but you’re also prepared for plenty of twists and turns down the road of life. Daisies tell your loved one that there’s still much more to discover!

10th Anniversary: Daffodils

The tenth anniversary’s traditional flower is a yellow daffodil, which symbolizes fond memories and a hopeful future. Its trumpet shape and cheerful star-patterned petals look impressive and stand out in a bouquet. Since this bloom is quite delicate, you typically need to find these flowers locally sourced or plant daffodil bulbs in the fall. If you can’t find daffodils at your location, remember that any type of yellow flower can also exude the warmth that a 10th anniversary deserves.

20th Anniversary: Asters

Asters represent good fortune and wisdom, which both go hand-in-hand in a happy marriage. This small flower’s star-shaped petals also symbolize love, faith, and vibrant colors. For a meaningful arrangement, find one with bursts of colorful asters that celebrate a beautiful love story. Cream or white daylilies also are typical of a 20th-anniversary gift and look wonderful in a mixed bouquet.

  • Our pick: The Juliet, an impressive gathering of delphinium, lisianthus, free spirit roses, ruscus, and aster.

The gladiolus is also traditionally given to couples celebrating their 40th anniversary. Given that the flower is associated with enduring love and infatuation, it’s a fitting choice for the couple who have spent at least four decades together. Why not surprise them with a lavish arrangement brimming with red? It’s perfect to put on display thanks to its elaborate appearance.

30th Anniversary: Lilies

Lilies are the traditional flower of a 30th anniversary. This noble flower symbolizes beauty, devotion, and pride. Making it to 30 years is a wonderful milestone that should be celebrated to the max. Sweet peas are also known to be part of this tradition since they resonate with marital happiness.

  • Our pick: The Henley, a big, epic bouquet designed to be over the top in the best of ways. It’s made to impress with its c stunning mix of mini calla lilies, snapdragons, delphinium, roses, and ranunculus.

40th Anniversary: Gladiolus

A ruby anniversary is a big deal, and so you need gorgeous flowers to honor the occasion. Traditionally, the gladiolus symbolizes the 40th anniversary. Communicating remembrance, honor, fidelity, persistence, calm, strength, and steadfastness, it embodies all the compromise, hard work, and respect that helps a relationship reach this milestone. Since this flower is typically hard to grow, it may be limited in availability depending on your anniversary’s date. However, any red flower can work, as long as you make the bouquet abundant and impressive.

50th Anniversary: Roses and Violets

A golden anniversary merits plenty of praise and attention. This is one of the only years that has two official flowers — yellow rose and violets. While yellow roses symbolize friendship, beauty, and prosperity, violets represent commitment and the importance of humility. Couples that stay true to each other, remain good friends, and respect each other embody the values of these two flowers.

Send Anniversary Flowers Today

With so many meanings behind beautiful anniversary flowers, you can always find a touching gift for your loved one, friend, or colleague. Discover a variety of impressive anniversary flowers today at UrbanStems.


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