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5 Unique Floral Gifts To Give This Summer

August 10, 2022

Close up of a colorful summer bouquet

No matter the occasion, flowers and plants are always apt gifts. Summer is a great time to celebrate with floral accents galore, whether you want to surprise someone for their graduation, dress up your outdoor space for a barbecue, or just liven up your life for the season. Let’s face it: Any excuse is a good excuse for some pretty flowers and plants.

You aren’t limited to conventional arrangements either — although those are always safe bets for anything from a housewarming to a birthday. If you’re thinking creatively, however, you might be inspired by one of these unique and slightly unexpected floral gifts to give to your lucky loved ones this summer.

Unique Floral Gift Ideas for Summer

  1. Dried Flowers
  2. Beautiful Potpourri
  3. Hair Accessories
  4. Flower Subscriptions
  5. Petite Plants

Dried Flowers

Not everyone has a green thumb. Fortunately, dried plants have occupied a place in many hearts and homes over the last few years. They’ve become mainstays not just for their low-maintenance requirements but for their natural beauty. There’s a vintage quality about them, but there’s something far more chic, polished, and artisanal about the new breed. These are no ordinary dried arrangements.

You’ll find them in many different varieties, evoking everything from the calm and tranquility of wildflowers in the countryside to the fairytale inspiration of bunny tails swaying in the wind outside a castle. There’s something dreamy about them, undoubtedly, and that makes them especially worthy of giving to anyone on your list during summer. The Delancey keeps things subtly stylish, capturing a hint of gilded glamour with its shapely vase and incorporating an array of fluffy stems — bunny tails included.

Beautiful Potpourri

A true feast for the senses, potpourri is the type of gift you could potentially pick up at the craft store — or make on your own to lend it that personal touch. If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can feel good knowing it’s not that hard to make the scented blend at all. You’ll need some roses to begin, ideally in summery colors that reflect the beauty of the season. Don’t toss your rose bouquet once you’re done, in other words. Hang on to The Finesse and make clever use of those beautiful peach and blush tones.

Pull away the petals, then allow them to dry in a warm location for at least two or three days. Once fully dry, you can concoct your blend by adding a few chunky ingredients for texture. Pinecones and rose hips invite some beautiful fragrance and character to the potpourri. A few berries can elevate the color palette. You can even spray paint a few leaves in gold and add them once they’ve dried. Use a fixative or an essential oil to enhance the fragrance of your potpourri. Pour it into a decorative gauze bag, knot it up with a bow, and prepare to delight your recipient!

Hair Accessories

It’s easier than you might think to create hair accessories in the comfort of your own home. You might think twice about snapping up that costly accent in the department store when you can just as easily make one that’s personally designed just for someone special. All you’ll need for the job is a fake stem of your choosing, a pair of wire cutters, a piece of green felt, a metal hair clip from a craft store, and a hot glue gun with glue sticks.

Now it’s time to get crafty! Use the cutters to remove the flower from the stem, taking the time to fold the petals back as much as you can so you’re left primarily with the bloom. Snip a small rectangle of felt, about 1 inch by 1.5 inches, then clamp the hair clip in the middle. Apply hot glue over both the felt and the clip, then press your faux flower directly on top. Hold it that way for at least a minute.

Flower Subscriptions

A single bouquet is a gift to behold, and it is undoubtedly something your recipient will love and appreciate. Make it more, however, and you’ve got yourself the type of gift that keeps on giving — quite literally as much as you want. A flower subscription is a thoughtful idea for the person in your life who can never have too many flowers. You know the type. There are bouquets situated throughout their home, on surfaces from the dining table to the bedside table to the desktop. They aren’t averse to the occasional flower arrangement in the kitchen or bathrooms either.

Try an UrbanStems flower subscription when you want to delight someone purely because they love to discover a good bloom on their doorstep. Choose from a trio of options, including classic bouquets, seasonal varieties, and luxury deliveries that also include a beautiful vase. There’s so much to love about flowers in general, and there never seems to be enough time to experience them all. Your recipient won’t have to lift a finger — the subscription allows them to discover new favorites while developing an even stronger appreciation for the stems they love the most.

Petite Plants

For people who lack time, a low-maintenance plant makes a thoughtful and unanticipated gift choice. They may not even realize what an impact it can have on their life. But countless studies have found that incorporating some natural greenery into one’s surroundings can lift spirits, enhance productivity, and increase focus. All of the above are great reasons to surprise someone with a meaningful plant this summer.

Bring a smile to their face by selecting something that’s not just easy to maintain but also easy on the eyes. The Tortuga is a charming little desktop companion featuring a decorative succulent perfect for livening up virtually any space. What’s nice about this plant is that its leaves are already packed with moisture, so their care needs are minimal at best. Plus, that quirky little turtle planter is a noble representative of stability and strength, making it a wonderful choice for just about anyone in your life who’s moving mountains and crushing goals.

While anytime is a good excuse to give a floral gift or two, summer offers even more excuses. Sunshine, beautiful weather, and fresh blooms and vegetation all offer meaningful gift opportunities galore.


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