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7 Plants That Can Naturally Improve Your Health and Wellness at Home

By UrbanStems

Top Plants for Home Wellness

Anyone who has ever shopped for houseplants to bring into their home or office space has probably thought about the way they look, the care they need, and where you want to put them. While green factor, maintenance requirements, and overall loveliness are good points to take into consideration when buying a houseplant, there’s another important and overlooked one. Health benefits! That’s right, some house plants aren’t simply lovely to have in your home, they actually offer health and wellness benefits, too. And now that many of us are spending more time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for houseplants is more apparent than ever. A beautiful houseplant is great, but a pretty plant that is also working its magic in the background for your health and wellbeing as you go about your day is even better.

Health and wellness depend greatly on diet and exercise, but your environment holds another key to your health. An unideal environment or poor air quality can cause some long term health issues and discomforts. The good news is, the right houseplants can actually make a big difference in helping to solve a few common health issues. Bringing certain houseplants into your home can make a noticeable difference to your mood, stress levels, sleep quality, your breathing, and overall wellness. On the surface, houseplants may not seem to be doing much of anything. Behind the scenes, however. they're hard at work to keep you healthy. Here are 7 plants to consider that will help enhance your home environment and improve your health and wellbeing.


Lavender is a beautiful flowering plant well known for its gentle aroma, silvery foliage, and violet flowers. Considered a staple household herb for the kitchen or herb garden, lavender also makes a perfect houseplant. The subtle and pleasant scent of lavender offers stress-relieving benefits that can alleviate tension and help with finding the calm and quiet you need before crawling into bed. It’s no wonder the scent of lavender is commonly used in spa products, candles, soaps, bath salts, and skincare items. This favorite herb can live happily anywhere in your home, but you’ll reap most of its benefits by keeping it in the bedroom. The presence of lavender may help improve sleep and soothe restlessness, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. Keep this Mediterranean beauty in a window with ample sunlight. Lavender loves sunshine and while it prefers deep watering, only water when the soil is nearly dry.Lavender can also be found in many of our favorite floral arrangements, including The Manor. This bouquet is perfect for adding a calming touch to any space.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is a trendy and well-loved favorite - and for good reason. These vibrantly green and bushy vines are one of the easiest plants to grow and thrive on low light and neglect. Pothos ,like our Fresco plant seen below, purifies the air of toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. It can also help to eliminate odors and relieve tired eyes that have been screen bound for long hours.


Orchids are exotic tropical flowers with deep symbolism and classic beauty. Aside from being a stunning addition to a room, orchids also offer many health benefits. Orchids can improve sleep, promote relaxation, and enhance feelings of calmness and peace. Dried orchids are also used in traditional medicinal teas to boost the immune system and relieve feelings of fatigue. These incredible plants are not only beautiful but generous in their health benefits, too.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant, like The Quinn, is a popular and well-known plant for proving indoor air quality. Working especially hard through the night, keep the Snake Plant in a bedroom to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen as you snooze to improve your good night’s sleep. Keep a few of these plants around the house to be sure your air quality is getting filtered properly. A Snake Plant also absorbs chemical particles in the air, improving your overall well being. Pretty, snaky, jungle-like, and minimalist, these plants are the perfect addition to your home decor and overall wellness. Just when you thought all houseplants did was sit around and look pretty, turns out they’re hard at work to keep you and your loved ones naturally healthy and well.

Aloe Vera

We know aloe vera as nature’s answer to bad sunburns and skin irritations. The plant has been used for thousands of years as a common natural remedy for skin and internal uses. But, aloe also offers some health benefits by simply growing in your living room. Even if you’re not sunburnt, the plant itself is wonderful at purifying the air. It works to absorb airborne particles that can come from paints, cleaning agents, and other chemicals. This very generous plant is also a delicious addition to smoothies, juices, and other healthy food recipes. Additionally, aloe is handy to have around for the occasional sunburn or kitchen burn. Cute, green, and easy-going, aloe vera is an all-around wonderful houseplant for health and wellness.


This lush and bountiful fern has actually been studied by NASA for its ability to purify the air. We’re not sure what space exploration has to do with plants, but we’ll trust NASA on this one. Boston Ferns are a powerhouse for removing compounds like plastics, formaldehyde, and smoke from the air. These toxic compounds get magically absorbed by the bushy leaves of the fern and turned into materials that the plant can use for its own growth and wellbeing. Boston Ferns are well known for being easy to care for and bringing some lovely forest vibes into your home, but they are also one of the top-ranking plants for offering wellness and health benefits.


Another well known and beloved culinary herb, Rosemary has also been used in folklore and traditional medicine for millennia. Considered a powerful remedy to improve focus and concentration, your at-home office could very well use a rosemary plant for its beauty and healing properties. Simply smelling the Rosemary plant has been shown to improve memory and concentration, so it is best kept in a room where you could use a mental boost. Rosemary, like lavender, is a Mediterranean plant that loves sunshine and not too much water. The perk here is you can have fresh rosemary on hand at all times for cooking!


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