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The Meaning of Magnolias

Close up of a bouquet featuring magnolia leaves

The magnolia tree has captivated imaginations across time and cultures with its beautiful two-toned waxy leaves and plush white flowers. Its blooms also have a wonderful perfume to them that fills the air in the early spring. Though magnolia flowers are gorgeous and fragrant, they last about two weeks before they fall off. However, the leaves are incredibly tough and serve as long-lasting accents to many floral arrangements, especially in the winter. The presence of these leaves in a gift communicates a variety of well-wishes. What is the meaning of magnolias, and how can you get this beautiful foliage in your home?

The Meaning of Magnolias

  1. The Magnolia’s Meaning
  2. Arrangements with Magnolia Leaves
  3. Magnolia Wreaths and Greens
  4. Magnolia Gifts

The Magnolia’s Meaning

In the United States, the Magnolia tree symbolizes luck and stability. It’s a staple in Southern gardens and delights people with its flowers in the early to mid-spring. In the east, the white blooms of the magnolia represent nobility and purity, while many of its parts are used in traditional folk medicine. It’s also associated with yin, or female energy, so it’s often given to honor a strong woman. The meaning of the magnolia flower also changes slightly according to the colors:

  • White: Purity, luck, stability
  • Pink: Joy, youth, and innocence
  • Purple & Green: Well wishes for health and good luck

Since magnolia flowers are quite delicate and don’t stay in bloom for long, it can be difficult to find an arrangement with the flowers in season. However, this doesn’t stop you from getting locally sourced flowers between March and April in temperate climates.

And thankfully, there are both evergreen and deciduous magnolia trees, which means quite a few species keep their leaves all year. Magnolia leaves can also be preserved to last for years in dried and fresh arrangements. The waxy, dark green top and matte golden reverse side make these leaves an instantly delightful addition of color. By including a few sprigs of preserved magnolia leaves into a bouquet, you can communicate the same meanings of the magnolia tree with ease.

Arrangements with Magnolia Leaves

The two-toned leaves of the magnolia offer earthy and bold color accents to any floral arrangement. The rich gold-brown color on the back of the leaf makes it especially fitting for fall and winter color schemes. These seasonal arrangements use the rich colors of magnolia foliage to create dreamy, soft wintry mixes. They also look excellent alone when placed in a vase and put on display at the dinner table. Here are some of our top mixed arrangements with magnolia leaves.

  • The Magnolia: Part of our winter collection, this simply breathtaking arrangement of cream, white, gold, and grey looks like it came right out of a holiday movie. The charming cream football mums and snapdragons, white scabiosa, silver dusty miller leaves, and dried gold and green magnolia foliage unite to make a balanced palette of seasonal colors and textures. Its sophisticated mood is suited for giving thanks, well-wishes, sympathy, or corporate giving. It’s also a beautiful arrangement to refresh your living room with wintry glamor!
  • The Folklore: Is something this pretty even real? Though it may seem like a fantasy, this arrangement will come to your door in real life. It has a seasonal blend of warm colors that places orange and cream flowers on full display. Bold sunflowers, Craspedia, ranunculus, and mums offer a diverse texture arrangement, while dark purples, greens, and the iconic gold of magnolias offer even more colors to admire. This fall favorite is ready to brighten someone’s day as a thank you, housewarming gift, or just because!

Magnolia Wreaths and Greens

If you’re more in the mood for just greens, we got you. Magnolia leaves can hold their own in single-stem arrangements, with their dual-colored nature stealing the show every time. These wreaths will make beautiful additions to any interior!

  • The Nola: A fresh addition to our winter collection, The Nola is as simple and elegant as magnolias can get. This wreath is made of just magnolia leaves and evergreens, proving that a two-toned color scheme is enough to give any wreath a blissful appearance. Magnolia wreaths make for the best Christmas wreaths.

Magnolia Gifts

The wonderful scent of magnolia flowers in bloom is something that needs to be experienced. But even though it’s difficult to snag a fresh magnolia flower, you can always savor the scent of this bloom with an add-on gift like a magnolia scented candle.

Magnolia Arrangements and Gifts

If you need to give a thoughtful gift, magnolia-themed bouquets and add-ons are excellent ideas. Find magnolia gifts and arrangements and more for your seasonal gifting at UrbanStems. Set up the delivery in just a few clicks for the next day or schedule one within the next two weeks. Subscription services are also available for regular gifting at a discount.


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