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The Perfect Flowers to Gift for Birthdays Each Month

Bouquet of pink flowers in white vase with white birthday cake

Fresh, beautiful, and meaningful, flowers make thoughtful gifts for any occasion. On birthdays, in particular, giving a floral arrangement is an easy way to brighten the celebrant’s day. You might choose blooms that are particularly important to the person in some way, or you might decide what to give based on their color.

The sheer beauty of a bouquet alone might be what compels you to send it to someone special. However, flowers can also hold significance to the recipient. A birthday is a wonderful occasion to deliver a message that shows you care. Maybe it’s to express how grateful you are for their devoted friendship or to wish the love of your life a special day.

Each month has its own birth flower, all of which are rich in specific meanings. That said, you don’t necessarily have to give the birthday guy or gal the flower that correlates with their birth month. If there’s another type that holds special meaning or you know that they especially love a particular type of bloom, that’s the perfect excuse to treat them to a bountiful arrangement that you know they’ll love and appreciate. Here are some ideas for each month.


The lush carnation is chilly January’s flower. Its sheer beauty, vibrant petals, and rich texture belie the frostiness of the season. Thanks to those eye-catching and dainty ruffles, there’s nothing but delicacy here. Carnations also have a light fragrance and tend to last, making them an even more practical gift idea.

This flower is representative of deep love and affection. It’s a wonderful choice for the person you admire or for whose presence in your life you are especially grateful. While different shades have different meanings — romantic red is a must for your significant other, while white offers good luck wishes — you can give carnations to any birthday baby who is special to you. The Afterglow features an array of colors, making it a versatile choice for any celebrant.


The beloved violet needs no introduction. At a glance, this lively flower captivates with its rich purple hue tinged with a touch of blue. February’s birth flower is known for its dainty petals and showy appearance. Despite its radiance, the flower is actually symbolic of modesty and humility.

The color is also tied to spirituality, making it a lovely gift choice for the birthday baby whose faith is particularly important to them. While the flower is named for its signature tone, it’s available in several other hues as well. You’ll find it in lighter tones like cream and ivory, along with richer shades like eggplant. If it’s the color that especially appeals to your February recipient, The Purple Iris will delight with its fragrance and upbeat tones.


March babies celebrate with the daffodil. It’s a springtime delight that resonates with the sunlight, good cheer, and endless beauty of the season. Is it any wonder that the flower, with its vibrant white and yellow petals, is such a suitable representative for spring? Symbolic of hope, new beginnings, good fortune, and prosperity, the daffodil is nothing if not uplifting.

These factors make it a great option for any birthday celebrant, whether they were born in March or during winter. Yellow flowers of all kinds brim with personality and bring an undeniable cheeriness and sense of joy to any home. The spring baby you love will be dazzled by anything that invites that kind of sunshine into their lives!

Bouquet of yellow flowers in picnic basket.


Even the name daisy is enough to elicit a smile! April’s cheery flower is known for its crisp white petals and radiant center. There are many different varieties of this lovely bloom known for its associations with innocence, new beginnings, purity, and love. With so many meanings to its credit, it makes a thoughtful gift idea for anyone, anytime.

The Regal represents precisely what makes the daisy so special. Blended with garden roses and other fresh flowers, it captures a sense of immaculacy and enduring beauty that is difficult to resist. It’s a springtime treat, no doubt, but you can give daisies to any birthday celebrant if the flower is particularly meaningful to them.


Warmer weather looms ever closer and May brings with it the promise of sunshine, good times, and clear skies. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate with the flower of the month, Lily of the Valley? It’s a flower truly rich in meaning and is often associated with motherhood and purity. Known for its bell-like flowers, there is an underlying sweetness linked to it.

That sweetness can be found in so many arrangements — and that’s precisely what the person with a May birthday in your life will love. A sweet choice that captures the joy and uplifting nature of Lily of the Valley is The Finesse. It’s enchanting in its beauty, finished with an array of lovely colors and flowers ranging from roses to ranunculus.


The June flower is another that’s popular year-round. The humble rose doesn’t need any introduction, but it’s worth zeroing in on what makes it so special. This flower is an appropriate choice for the beginning of the season. It’s available in countless colors, and each one is representative of a certain emotion. That makes it especially easy to choose the right one for the June baby you love and admire.

Red, of course, is reflective of true love and passion, while yellow is symbolic of friendship. In between, you’ll find pinks and purples and even rainbow hues. The Bordeaux is a fabulously celebratory arrangement that unites pink and violet roses and garden hoses in perfect harmony. It’s summer radiance at its finest.


July brings with it some of the most calming and soothing moments of the year. The air is still with humidity, yet warmth envelops the senses in the most tranquil way. Naturally, the birth flower for July is equally serene. The larkspur is a lovely blossom found in uplifting shades of pink and purple. Symbolic of love, strength, dignity, and positivity, it’s just right for bringing a smile to anyone who makes you smile.

If you wish to give something that’s truly fitting both for the month and the season, consider The Canary. As cheery as larkspurs and complete with an array of lovely roses and freesia, this pretty arrangement celebrates the season — and your recipient’s birthday — in colorful style.


The promise of cooler weather hovers, but August is still drenched in that delightful summery goodness. While the heat remains, people born in this month might celebrate with gladiolus. The flower is found in numerous colors, ranging from pink and purple to orange and yellow. Its versatility isn’t limited just to its colors — it’s also associated with many different emotions, including integrity, strength, and infatuation.

You’ll find those very colors in The Poppins, a lively arrangement that includes roses, peonies, and ranunculus, among other blossoms. As summer slowly winds down, colors like these reflect the beauty of the season in different ways. The soft apricot is reminiscent of lovely evening sunsets, while the cheery pink channels the upbeat spirit of summer.


The first rush of cool air brings a sigh of relief to those who have counted down the days until fall. September babies have always associated this time of year with heading back to school and the change of season. The birth flower, aster, evokes the emotions that likely come with all of those new beginnings: wisdom, innocence, faith, and love among them.

As you celebrate your favorite September birthday guy or gal, keep The Eden in mind. Fresh and captivating, it features asters mingling alongside other wildflowers. The result is downright stunning — a true reflection of Mother Nature at her finest.

Bouquet of yellow flowers, orange flowers, and blue flowers in white vase


A pop of orange to complement that lovely autumnal palette, please. October’s birth flower, the marigold, captures the spirit of the season in fine form. Its rich golden-orange hue blends right into the leaves that cascade across the lawn, lending any home a fiery fall finish. The flower represents passion, love, wealth, beauty, and success — all worthy traits that capture the spirit of the October baby well.

If you’re certain they’ll appreciate a touch of that rich color on their birthday, why not surprise them with The Firecracker? It’s just as vivacious as its name suggests, complete with an array of lush oranges, golds, and yellows that seem to pop from every direction.


Happiness. Joy. Optimism. Hope. November’s flower speaks to the dreamer in everyone. The chrysanthemum is a delightful flower that is at once classy and playful, showy and delicate, and incredibly rife with meaning. It’s symbolic of loyalty, passion, and honesty, all of which are positive sentiments perfect for sharing via birthday flowers.

For a touch of delicacy on their special day, present them with The Dizzy. Those showy petals tell a story of their own, adding a little understated sense of playfulness to the celebrations. But it’s that soft, pinky-peach color that really speaks to the hopefulness the flower symbolizes. It’s light, sweet, and just right for the special occasion.


December brings good tidings that round out the year so beautifully. For those born in this month, the narcissus offers them wishes for good fortune, hopefulness, and prosperity. The flower features distinctive trumpet-like structures that pop from the centers, lending them an eye-catching look.

Give some glam goodness to the holiday birthday celebrant when you surprise them with The Bowery. This undeniably elegant arrangement includes a little bit of everything. It’s at once dramatic, sophisticated, innocent, and bashful.

Flowers connect with your loved ones on a deeper level. They’re more than just beautiful ­— they convey messages of hope, love, and friendship. What better way to show someone that you genuinely care?


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