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FAQs Answered by Our Care Team

Frequently asked questions from our UrbanStems care team

Why did my flowers come without water?

We ship your gift dry so that bacteria does not grow around the base of the stems. Remove your flowers from the box right away, trim the stems at an angle, and place in water as soon as possible. In a few hours, your flowers will begin to soak up the water and if any stems looked a little droopy upon arrival, they should start to perk up!

Can I put the flowers in the refrigerator?

We advise against it because fridges can have cold spots and freeze the delicate blooms.

How do I keep my flowers fresh for longer?

As soon as they arrive, trim the stems at an angle, and put them in a vase with cool water. Change the water every other day, and keep it in a cool spot around the house. Don’t put your flowers in direct sunlight!

Why does the bouquet look smaller than it did on the site?

When we pack them, they are purposefully packed smaller so the flowers don't get harmed on the way! When you get it, you need to fluff the bouquet, place it in water immediately, and the flowers will begin to expand over time.

My flowers are wilting when they arrived. Why?

Your flowers will arrive thirsty since they've been out of water during their travels to you! Think of it as a marathon - they just went on a really long run, and they’re dehydrated. Once you place them in water, the flowers will begin to perk back up after 6-24 hours.

My roses arrived and the outer petals are browning. Why?

These outer petals are called guard petals and they might arrive with a bit of browning because they’re supposed to! These petals protect the rose inside and you can simply pick them off to see your fresh rose inside.

How long do dried bouquets last? Do I have to take care of them?

Your dried bouquet can last anywhere from six months to a year with proper care. If you put it in a humid area like a bathroom, it might last less. You don’t have to take care of them - just arrange as you’d like, put it in a vase (with no water!) and enjoy! If you want more info, you can check out some of our dried bouquet care tips.

Which flowers and plants are pet friendly?

Sunflowers, marigolds, snapdragons, and roses are all pet friendly.

It's always good to double check that your plant is safe for a pet before putting it in their reach. We recommend our orchids or a hoya heart succulent if you're looking for a pet-friendly plant option.When viewing individual products on our site, keep an eye out for the pet-friendly tag below the image!

Can I repot my plants?

You can!

What are some low maintenance gifts I can get my Mom?

We have an entire Mother's Day Collection to help shop for the moms in your lives. From curated gift sets to fresh modern bouquets, every gift is fairly low-maintenance. But if you're really looking for something that requires no maintenance, we recommend our dried bouquets, any of our succulents, The Firecracker, and The Carlotta.


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