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How To Keep Your Flowers Fresh When You’re on Vacation

Get the most out of your bouquet.

You’re finally off on that much-needed, long-awaited vacation you’ve had in mind for months. It’s bound to be epic — if only you could stop worrying about what might happen to your flowers in your absence.

The beautiful arrangements you’ve lovingly nurtured will continue to need plenty of TLC while you’re gone. But how can you be sure they’ll remain fresh, vibrant, and healthy, and look just as good when you return as they did when you left?

There’s no question that it takes a little bit of work and preparation if you want the best for your flowers. This is true whether you plan to leave for a weekend or you’ve got several days on the calendar blocked off for your getaway.

With these straightforward suggestions in mind, you can be confident that your flowers will remain in the best possible shape while you’re gone and look great upon your arrival. Here’s everything you need to know.

Practice Proper Flower Care

Your flowers are most likely to stand the test of time if they’re well maintained when you first receive them. Make sure to trim the stems by at least half an inch at a 45-degree angle, which will prevent the stems from getting squashed in the vase. The angle also helps more moisture find its way into the stem, providing your flowers with more nourishment. Do this at least every three days for the bouquet’s longevity.

Once you place the flowers in water, assess their appearance. Has some foliage seeped beneath the waterline? If that’s the case, it may invite bacteria into the water and risk the health of your flowers. It can also lead to harsh odors and rob the flowers of the nutrients they need to thrive and remain fresh. If you spot one or two that are in a state of decay, simply remove them and focus on the rest of the healthy flowers. Even one unhealthy stem puts the rest of the arrangement at risk.

Manage the Lighting Situation

Usually, flowers enjoy some sunlight, but you don’t want to risk overexposure while you’re away. That can cause the bouquet to dry out prematurely, leading them to wilt and eventually expire. Instead, keep them in a space where they’ll receive some indirect light. If you have potted flowers, this will also protect the condition of the soil and prevent it from drying out too soon.

Prioritize Hydration Now and Later

Before you leave, make a point of watering the flowers. Focus on moistening the soil completely, which will provide them with enough hydration to keep them going for a few days.

If you’re going to be away for several days, don’t dismiss the potential usefulness of a watering globe. It’s an especially useful tool for homeowners who travel frequently or who have many flowers. You can even use them when you’re at home to ensure that your plants and flowers are routinely hydrated, minimizing the amount of time you need to spend watering them.

Globes are filled with water and feature sleek necks through which the moisture dissipates into the soil. The advantage of using this tool is that it provides the flowers with a consistent supply of water while you’re away. There’s no waste involved, ensuring that the soil receives all of the water in the globe over a specific period.

Check Your Indoor Conditions

Be mindful of the temperature on the thermostat before you leave for your trip. The average flower arrangement will perform best in temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the time of year, you might need to elevate humidity levels in your home to keep your flowers fresher.

You can do this by pouring a layer of pebbles into a drip tray, then filling the tray with water until it covers all of the pebbles. You can then place your flower vase or pot directly on top of the pebbles. This at-home setup serves as a makeshift humidifier of sorts, allowing enough moisture to keep petals and leaves fresh and preventing dehydration.

Prune Flowers Before Leaving

Assess the condition of your flowers from top to bottom before you head out the door. Now is the right time to prune any areas that appear damaged, such as wilting stems, withering flowers, or damaged leaves. Anything that contributes decay to the arrangement runs the risk of attracting pests or disease, which can easily impact the condition of the flowers while you’re gone.

Make sure to check the water, too. If you haven’t changed it in a couple of days, now is the time to pour out the older water and replace it with fresh, cool water that’s free of old vegetation.

Ask Someone for Help

Just as you might have someone retrieve your mail while you’re away, it’s a good idea to hire a plant sitter to care for your flowers if you won’t be back for more than a week or two. That’s generally the amount of time your plant life will remain healthy and vibrant before it needs attention.

Give a trusted family member or friend a key so they can pop inside every few days and water the flowers. This also gives them a chance to check on their condition. Are there any wilting blooms that need to be trimmed? Is it time to feed the flowers or change the water? Your plant sitter can handle all of these responsibilities, and you can be certain that your flowers will look just as good when you return.

With proper flower care, you can trust that your bouquet will stay fresh, healthy, and vibrant while you’re away on vacation. If you plan to be away for longer, don’t hesitate to either allow someone to care for them in your home or bring the arrangement to someone else’s home for them to monitor in your absence. You’ll be grateful you took these extra steps to protect the health and vitality of your flowers.


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