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How to Throw the Perfect Friendsgiving

Woman holding a bouquet of fall flowers for a friendsgiving party

Around 2007, a new holiday called “Friendsgiving” became an official event for friends to get together and throw an incredible Thanksgiving gathering. It’s typically hosted one to two weeks before the actual Thanksgiving date and usually has a more low-key vibe than a traditional family gathering. It can also be celebrated on the official Thanksgiving day when you decide to celebrate the holiday with your closest friends.

At Friendsgiving, gifts are exchanged, many people bring in a dish to contribute, and there’s the freedom to experiment with dishes that go outside the norm of your usual Thanksgiving repertoire. Whether you’re a host or a guest, Friendsgiving looks and feels more festive when you decorate the party with fresh flowers and plant gifts.

Our growing collection of fall flowers and classic bouquets make parties more beautiful. Add a vase to a bouquet to make an incredible centerpiece or select a table runner to dress up the main event with simple elegance. By decorating your party and sticking to the following tips, you can throw the perfect Friendsgiving anytime this fall.

How to Throw the Perfect Friendsgiving

  1. For Hosts: Make It Pretty
  2. For Guests: Honor the Hosts
  3. Make It a Potluck
  4. Plan Some Games

For Hosts: Make It Pretty

If the celebration is at your place, then you should expect some gifts as a host. However, always have some decorations up since you never know what you’re going to get. Here are some basic items to use to make your Friendsgiving gathering festive with seasonal pretties:

  • Table runners
  • Wreaths
  • Photo collage of your friends
  • Fall centerpiece bouquets
  • Accent bouquets
  • Green potted plants
  • Scented candles
  • Sweet treats in autumn-themed trays

Every home or venue has different decoration needs, so use these items wisely to create a cheerful scene of seasonal colors, scents, and textures. By adding just a little extra flair to your Friendsgiving, you can change the mood in the air and make the party more fun.

  • Pro Tip: Leave some open spots for the gifts and extra food your guests will bring so that your gathering won’t look cluttered. This makes it easier for a friend to drop off a bouquet or box of sweets without scrambling for a spot.

For Guests: Honor the Hosts

Being invited to a Friendsgiving means that you’re part of the host’s trusted circle. Your host has taken the time to prepare some of the main dishes like turkey and mashed potatoes, so it’s up to you to bring in a savory side and a commemorative gift. Bouquets have long been traditional gifts for hosts at any dinner party, so any one of these seasonal bouquets will be a fitting item to bring with you:

  • The Seasonal Bloom: Whenever you need a solid fall arrangement, this bouquet has all the colors of the season. This stunning spread of orange, blush, and mustard blooms are the very definition of Autumn’s colorscape. The bold green Eucalyptus leaves frame a lovely blend of Sunflowers, Leucadendron, Craspedia, Roses, and Mums — all of fall’s favorites. It’s a sight that will dress up any Friendsgiving table or light up a living room for some conversation.
  • The Autumnal Palette: When you want to go all out, this luxurious bouquet is designed to impress anyone. If you want to give a glorious centerpiece, this arrangement in a gold vase is ready to be placed on full display at the Friendsgiving table. It’s not meant to be hidden or work as a supporting cast, but it’s truly the main event. The Autumnal Palette was created under a designer’s eye. It’s part of our Vogue Collection and uses a strategic combination of Ranunculus, Cremon Mums, Quicksand Roses, Boxwood, Anemones, and Italian Ruscus to craft a balanced scene of fall colors. You’ll see everything from cream, cherry red, green, purple, yellow, and even hints of ash to set a marvelous scene of seasonal perfection.
  • The Babar: Who said that only flowers can be centerpieces? This unforgettable Air Plant placed in a golden planter shaped like an elephant can be this year’s favorite host gift. Not only does it have a ton of character, but air plants can also stay alive for years with minimal care. This means that your host can enjoy this plant long after the season has passed.

Want to make your gift even sweeter? Add on some chocolates, gummy bears, or a scented candle to your centerpiece. Simply select a custom gift and message at checkout and everything will come to your host in a tidy package!

Make It a Potluck

During traditional Thanksgiving gatherings, it’s normal for the host to carry most of the load regarding the meal. Traditional staples like mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans, and stuffing are usually all cooked at the host’s home. However, Friendsgiving can be far less formal and stressful on the host. When you make your Friendsgiving a potluck, it gives everyone a chance to participate but also takes the load off your shoulders.

If you’re the host, you may even want to order a turkey from a restaurant to lessen the load on your plate. It’s also okay to ask your friends to bring in more significant side dishes like green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and desserts. Hosting your party as a potluck also strikes up some interesting conversation and allows your friends to show off their cooking skills.

Plan Some Games

Another fun thing about Friendsgiving is that you can let your hair down a little bit more than you would at a family gathering. Each group of friends has different inside jokes and things that bring them together, so plan some games that everyone will enjoy. Whether you like tabletop games or a few rounds of Poker, your Friendsgiving can easily turn into an awesome game night.

Friendsgiving Decorations and Gifts

Whether you need to beautify your home or pick the perfect host gift, our variety of Friendsgiving bouquets, gifts, and plants make it easy to find the right item. Order next-day delivery or schedule a delivery in advance to time it just right. We also offer a flower subscription service for the regular arrival of seasonal favorites at a discount.


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