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How to Add Flowers to Your Self-Care Routine This Fall

Hands arranging fresh fall flowers for self-care

Life tends to get a little busier during the fall. With the holidays on the horizon and a potential calendar full of activities, you’re bound to be busier than ever. That kind of intensity can take its toll on your wellbeing in the long run — but if you head into the season prepared for the craziness of it all, you can emerge unscathed and far clearer-headed too.

What’s the secret? It’s all in the self-care routine that you cultivate for yourself. The term tends to conjure images of face masks and hot baths, both of which can have a big impact on how you feel. Add some fresh flowers, and you’ll elevate the ambiance even more. They’re known to minimize feelings of stress, reduce anxiety, lift the spirits, and soothe your nerves. Naturally, it makes sense to incorporate more flowers into your self-care routine if possible.

But is there really more to do than simply put a bouquet in your room? It turns out there are plenty of clever and interesting ways to make flowers a more integral part of your life this season. Here are some suggestions to help you unwind when it matters the most — and take advantage of Mother Nature’s beauty at the same time.

Add Flowers to Your Fall Self-Care Routine

  1. Send Yourself an Arrangement
  2. Liven Up the Bathroom
  3. Upgrade Your Beauty Routine
  4. Wear Them in Your Hair

Send Yourself an Arrangement

This one is almost a no-brainer. Sending yourself flowers is one of the very kindest things you can do — because you know it will make you smile and bring you joy. Why wait for a special occasion or hope that someone will buy them for you? You know exactly the type of flower that you love! Plus, buying flowers is something simple you can do to instantly turn your day around.

Choose a variety you like or select something new that you’ve never bought or received before. A little bit of adventure can make life exciting — even if it’s something as simple as decorating with an unexpected stem or two. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone where color is concerned either. Fall is a great time of the year to energize your space with vibrant shades of orange and yellow. The feel-good, sunshine-rich vibes are strong on The Firecracker, a brilliant arrangement brimming with roses and Craspedia. Don’t have much of a green thumb? Try a no-maintenance dried flower arrangement like The Lexington. It adds high-level beauty to your world and captures a sense of ethereal elegance.

Liven Up the Bathroom

Replicating a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home is one of the best ways to treat yourself to the TLC you deserve. You’ve filled the tub or turned on the shower, lit the candles, slathered on the face mask, the soft music, and got your collection of beauty products ready to go. What’s missing? That hint of natural ambiance makes the spa setting so soothing.

Hanging a few sprigs of eucalyptus in the shower is an easy way to lend your space the touch of zen that you crave. Its crisp scent will instantly transport you to another place, especially when your eyes are closed and you’re massaging your scalp with your favorite shampoo. Just keep an eye on the greens — if they start to look a bit brown, their aroma changes or the leaves start to fall, it’s time to swap them for a new bunch. No convenient place to hang eucalyptus? Place a fresh arrangement on your countertop instead. The Capian is a positively dreamy gathering of eucalyptus, snapdragons, ruscus, and other beauties that lend the bathroom a serene quality.

Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Self-care routines and beauty routines go hand in hand. Adding some flowers to the mix will elevate the experience — and not just because they smell so good and look so pretty. Many flowers also have healing benefits that can improve the condition of your skin. Roses, for example, are naturally anti-inflammatory, making them a great choice for calming red, irritated skin that needs some gentle care.

The upscale beauty market is saturated with floral-infused products that promise to work their magic, from rose toners to peony face masks. But if you’re feeling creative, you can make your own by distilling your flowers of choice. Recipes for different flowers abound, making it easy to concoct all types of beauty products. Indulging your creativity is another form of self-care. You’ll relax and unwind — and take even greater pleasure in using the products you created yourself. There’s nothing more satifying.

Wear Them in Your Hair

Wearing flowers in your hair is such an effortless way to change up your look for the day. If you’re headed to a special event, the addition of a colorful blossom will instantly brighten up your outfit and lend it something unique. While there are plenty of hair accessories designed with fake flowers, adding the real thing is an easy way to breathe new life into your look and achieve that one-of-a-kind vibe you want. The key is to select a flower that won’t lose its integrity while you’re wearing it. The Folklore offers an array of pretty choices that will add an instant pop of color to your mane.

Orchids are robust enough to withstand regular activity, with tough petals balanced by outward beauty. Gardenias are also a lovely option if you want something that’s as fragrant as it is elegant. You’ll continuously get a whiff of them as you go about your day. There are so many ways to wear flowers in your hair too. Pin one or two into a bun or a chignon for a simple and subtle take on the look. If you want to go all out and make a statement, take it in a more extravagant direction by creating a more abundant arrangement. Use it to accent a ponytail or to push your hair back like a modified crown. You’ll love the natural effect.

Flowers are many things: mesmerizing, elegant, fragrant, and unique. They’re also key to a complete self-care routine when you really need to breathe and escape from the chaos. During a busy fall season, you can’t ask for anything more.


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