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How to Decorate with Magnolias

Close up of a bouquet of magnolia leaves for the holidays

It’s the rare plant that can compare with the luscious magnolia. The Southern superstar is a fragrant wonder, boasting shiny leaves and a dreamy fragrance that sets it apart from other greenery. The beautiful plant is available in a wide array of colors, all of which add wonderful character and beauty to the home or the yard. Their lush perfume brings a hint of added joy to your world.

Yet for all the elegance they bring to those spaces, their decorative value is often overlooked. Magnolias are wonderfully diverse, thanks in part to their varied hues and leaves. They exude a sense of delicacy and warmth and make lovely additions to your living space. If you’re wondering how you can best incorporate them, here are some suggestions to keep in mind.

How to Decorate with Magnolias

  1. Elevate a Tablescape
  2. Decorate the Mantel
  3. Brighten the Porch
  4. Drape Some Garlands
  5. Use Wreaths Inside

Elevate a Tablescape

A fanciful tablescape has the potential to completely transform the vibe of your dining space. With a little ingenuity, you can make your vision a reality and breathe some fresh energy into the room at the same time. What’s the secret? Add a magnolia arrangement to your design. The starry petals and glossy finish alone will add glamour to the table, along with rich colors and textural details. The Magnolia is a fitting choice for its quietly elegant appeal. At once sleek and fluffy, it’s sure to add an attractive touch to your tablescape.

Another more colorful option is The Wilder, which included sunflowers, ranunculus, and other colorful blooms. Let the season shape the direction of your tablescape. Incorporate elements like faux holly berry stems and votive candles in holiday fragrances during winter to get you into the spirit of the season. During fall, work with colors like yellow, sage, and orange to create a soft and inviting design. Warmer weather invites an opportunity to introduce earthy details to the tablescape, like galvanized steel vases and bowls of fruit that complement your magnolia flower arrangement.

Decorate the Mantel

Magnolia leaves are as striking as the blooms themselves. Their beauty becomes even more apparent when you consider the many ways they can be used to decorate your home. As a key addition to your holiday décor, they play a primary role in elevating the appearance of your mantel. Spray paint leaves in shades of gold or silver to create gleaming accents that instantly draw the eye to the shelf.

You can secure them in clusters to the mantel and decorate the rest with contrasting ornaments for an eye-catching look, or spread them across the mantel for a more concentrated touch of glamour that really captures attention from every angle. Alternatively, keep your magnolia leaves as lush and green as they are and design an earthy mantel complete with red bows and pine cones for festive finishing touches.

Drape Some Garlands

Magnolia garlands can be absolutely enchanting in the way they bring natural beauty to your home. They’re also simple to use for decorating and make such a sophisticated accent during the holiday season. There is something comforting about their presence, too, as they tend to evoke a cozy, homey quality that can instantly warm up even the most sterile spaces. Garlands are easy accents that make for quick upgrades, whether you’re running late on your holiday decorating schedule or just want to style your home a little in time for the holiday guests you’re expecting.

Another advantage is that they’re incredibly versatile. You might be surprised to find that you can do a whole lot more with garlands than simply draping them over the mantel, although that’s an excellent starting point. You can also pin them above doorways throughout the home to lend every space, from hallways to bedrooms, a more festive feel. Use them to bring your staircase to life. Add details like ornaments, pine cones, and branches to get into the true spirit of the moment - and to take advantage of the magnolia’s connection with the holiday season.

Use Wreaths Inside

Your first inclination might be to hang The Tahoe wreath on your front door, and that would be a wise move. With its lush look and robust greenery coupled with hints of eucalyptus, it’s a beautifully designed accent that will instantly put a fresh spin on your door’s appearance. Still, don’t be afraid to invite the wreath inside your home, too. Those thick and varied leaves combine with one another to create an almost sculptural work of art that fits in nicely just about anywhere imaginable.

Use it to decorate a mirror in a living room or dining room to add a pop of festive cheer to the atmosphere. You can even hang it in the bedroom above the bed, or incorporate it into a home office to serve as a fresh and natural reminder of the season’s beauty. If you’re planning to host guests during the season, you might consider hanging it in the guestroom. It adds an inviting touch to the room and captures a sense of down-to-earth appeal that you won’t find elsewhere.

Glossy, earthy, natural, and elegant all at once, the magnolia is the rare accent that’s versatile enough to use just about anywhere in the home — at any time of the year. Take advantage of its beauty by freely incorporating it into your space.


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