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9 Unique White Elephant Gift Ideas

November 23, 2022

Holiday flowers perfect for a white elephant party gift

In theory, a white elephant gift exchange is an incredibly fun idea. Everyone loves to laugh, after all, and there’s so much joy and festivity in the air already that it just makes sense to keep the merriment flowing. Yet if you’ve got a white elephant party on the horizon and have no idea what to purchase, you could find yourself wondering how exactly to navigate the situation.

The beauty of white elephant gifts is that they don’t technically have to make a ton of sense. You could legitimately purchase something completely offbeat and maybe even nonsensical, and it would likely be met with open arms. However, there’s a lot to be said for the white elephant gift that is simultaneously playful and useful. When you marry the best of both worlds, you end up with a gift that the recipient will doubly appreciate. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Gift Ideas for a White Elephant Exchange

  1. Something Tasty
  2. Something Celestial
  3. Something Earthy
  4. Something Festive
  5. Something Cozy
  6. Something Colorful
  7. Something Elegant
  8. Something Iconic
  9. Something Pampering

Something Tasty

You can’t go wrong with the gift of food, especially at this time of year. Sweet treats abound, making it easy to find something that is both delicious and worthy of giving as a white elephant gift. It could be a customary bottle of fancy olive oil or something a little quirky and interesting, like The Tomato Harvest. The box contains everything they need to create a yummy meal, including Truff Arrabiata pasta sauce, a luxe Apotheke Tomato Tarragon votive candle, and a matching tea towel. Chocolate, tea, candy, and coffee are other popular gift ideas that are sure to be a treat.

Something Celestial

Some believe everything is pre-ordained and written in the stars. Others may not be quite so convinced. Whatever camp they belong to, there’s no question a fun zodiac-themed gift will go over well. You could tap into the wonders of the universe and surprise your recipient with a Birthdate Mercury in Retrograde candle, which makes a stylish-meets-unexpected option that also infuses the air with a lovely fragrance.

Something Earthy

Staying grounded is important, especially during the chaos of the holiday season. Giving something that helps them remember to remain balanced and calm in the center of it all can be heartwarming. The Shoppe Geo Crystal Magic Energy Set includes a pair of crystals they can use to recharge, rejuvenate, and rest during those moments of much-needed quiet. If you know they’re all about that crystal life, the Shoppe Geo Crystals 12-Day Self-Care Tool Kit is sure to wow them. It contains an array of crystals to help them face any situation with inner peace and strength.

Mini crystal set

Something Festive

When better than the holiday season to give them a Christmas-themed gift? ‘Tis the season to make everyone smile, after all, so why not do it with an ornament shaped like a sloth or an avocado? Items for the home bearing festive images are also welcome — think kitchen towels, inexpensive throw blankets, placemats, table runners, and hand soaps imprinted with snowflakes or other winter themes.


Something Cozy

The weather outside is undeniably frightful, or it will be soon enough. With that in mind, why not do your best to keep them cozy? Silly socks are always a suitable choice for a white elephant gift exchange. Fun scarves, gloves, and earmuffs also qualify. If you know their size, you could also pick up a pair of goofy slippers featuring something like reindeer antlers or bells that jingle or, for a more down-to-earth look, a red-and-green plaid pattern. Why not throw in something cheerful to warm their spirits, like the Nest Festive Votive Trio?

Something Colorful

It’s the season of color and joy, which means you’re well within your rights to pick up a gorgeous plant or two (and maybe one for yourself while you’re at it). At this time of the year, nothing delivers the message of the moment quite like The Poinsettia. It’s a simply beautiful plant that brims with seasonal charm — and it’s perfect for anyone, whether you know them well or not really at all. Who wouldn’t smile being the recipient of such a joyful treasure? It even comes nestled in a stylish pot.

Something Elegant

For all the goofy and offbeat gifts that abound during white elephant gifting season, there are also plenty of elegant options available. While there are hundreds of lovely bouquets to choose from, you could also try something a little more unexpected. The Heath is a lush, dried arrangement that will capture interest for the simple fact that it will pretty much last forever. Plus, that combination of dramatic crimson pampas grass coupled with a shapely gilded vase is irresistible.

Dyed red pampas grass

Something Iconic

What says “merry” more than a tree? Maybe a wreath! These truly qualify as grand gifts worthy of the season, and you can bet anyone who enjoys eye-catching home décor will appreciate what a wreath brings to their world. There are dozens of suitable styles available, from simple options like The Trilogy to more lavish designs like The Yuletide. The latter glows from all angles thanks to its mesmerizing berries and red ball clusters that catch the eye in brilliant cherry red. Expect plenty of awe-inspired expressions of gratitude if you choose to give this beauty.

Modern wreath

Something Pampering

As life gets busier towards the end of the year, it makes sense for people to carve out some time specifically for themselves — only, all too often, people forget to do just that. When you surprise them with something targeted towards that need, it can serve as a powerful reminder to slow down, take a breath, and unwind. Encourage them to rest and recover with The Tea Party, a thoughtful package that has everything they need to feel a little brighter, including tea and chocolate. Add a jar of The Little Market Vanilla Sugar Scrub when you want to remind them that sometimes a soak in the tub (and a beautiful fragrance) is all that’s needed to see the world through a different lens.

What better time of the year than now to pick up some gifts that are as useful as they are playful and beautiful? You’ll find countless options to delight everyone on your list right now.


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