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What to Bring to Friendsgiving This Year

November 9, 2022

Friends cheersing at Friendsgiving 2022 in front of fresh flowers/

Friendsgiving is a beautiful time when you can celebrate and give thanks with friends who are most important to you. If you live away from your family or can't travel to see them this year, this is an excellent way to make Thanksgiving special wherever you are. The next question is how will you be a part of this holiday?

If you're not the person gifted in cooking in your circle of friends, you may be at a loss for how you can contribute to the day's preparations. Sometimes the solution can be to ask the host(s) if there is anything you can be responsible for (mashed potatoes aren't that hard, right?) or bring along to help support those making the food. If you get no clear direction, you may be looking for some things you can take along to the occasion. Check out this list of what to bring to your Friendsgiving for ideas and inspiration!

Good Items to Contribute to Your Friendsgiving

  1. Festive Flowers
  2. A Charcuterie Board
  3. Freshly Made Bread
  4. Hors D'oeuvres
  5. Seasonal Punch

Festive Flowers

Flowers always make things cheerier! Decorating and cooking can be tough on the host, so bringing along a bouquet to liven things up and put some color in the environment could be a nice choice. Setting a floral ensemble near the entryway or on the table in the dining room is a great way to welcome everyone to the event.

If you're close to your host(s) and know the colors of the dining room, bring along a flowery bunch that matches or complements the setting. If you don't know the dining room well or just want to bring something that gets a little more into the spirit of the holiday, go for a bouquet in warm fall colors. The Tara, with its deep red blooms, is an excellent autumn choice. If you like the red but prefer to give something that will last, consider giving a dried bouquet like The Heath. Gorgeous colors and enduring memories make for a perfect Friendsgiving contribution.

Can't pick a bouquet? Meet The Friendsgiving! Pick from one of two bouquet sizes and we'll send a surprise fall bouquet!

A Charcuterie Board

Cooking is hungry work, and a charcuterie board is just the thing to take the edge off. Nibbling in the kitchen can happen, but often the chefs can use a bite to keep them from eating dinner too soon! Plus, if you help out a little as you snack, it makes the workload seem light — something you can supply for your Friendsgiving occasion. Charcuterie boards don't require any cooking, but they still need a bunch of different supplies and a creative eye.

Create your own mix of nuts, cheeses, crackers, meats, dips, olives, honey, and any other fun ingredients you want to include. If none of these appeals to you, consider a charcuterie board of different fruit! It's the board and the presentation that is important, so feel free to use whatever you like to make your charcuterie board unique. When these boards are done well, they can look absolutely stunning — a very impressive contribution to a Friendsgiving.

Freshly Made Bread

There are very few who can't appreciate a freshly made loaf of bread warm out of the oven. And there are very few Thanksgiving menus that can't use an extra bit of bread to round out the meal. Sourdough loaves are good to eat with almost everything. Cornbread is a Thanksgiving classic. You can even get creative with what you put in it, like adding rosemary or making cheese bread. While there may be some diet specifications to work around, there are many recipes and bread types that everyone can eat and that still taste delicious. Whether you have the talent to make your own bread or buy it freshly baked before you come to your Friendsgiving, a loaf from the oven is a welcome addition to any occasion.

Hors D'oeuvres

Timing a Thanksgiving feast is difficult. If the food preparation is taking a bit longer than planned, and there are guests who have skipped a meal or two to get ready for this event, your host might be glad of you bringing some hors d'oeuvres to soothe some hungry tummies. This is especially true if there are kids at the party. The nice thing is: hors d'oeuvres are generally smaller and easier to prepare than a full meal. The other nice thing is many stores also sell them ready-made, so you're covered if you aren't as experienced in food making.

If you need some easy ideas, go for fancy crackers or vegetables and a special pumpkin dip. Meatballs with a cool sauce are also relatively simple, while the sauce with some garnish makes it look like it belongs at a festive occasion. Cherry tomatoes stuffed with cheese put a little red on the table, while slices of baguette with brie with bacon-plum jam are a great seasonal option. Whatever it is, use your creativity to add a little something and ease the burden on your host this Friendsgiving.

Seasonal Punch

Having a festive drink to complete a table is a wonderful contribution. Plus, there's rarely ever too much to drink! Punch is a great event drink, and you can spice it up by adding a few things to make it fit the autumn season. Apples and pomegranates make a tasty combination and create a beautiful red color that is a pleasure to swallow. Pumpkins and persimmons are also delicious and a good seasonal match. Mulled wine and apple cider are other fantastic choices for drink donations. Choose your favorite and enjoy!

The idea behind Friendsgiving is to be thankful for the year and for the people around you with whom you have chosen to celebrate. Whatever you decide to bring, instead of feeling pressured (these are your buddies!), consider it a small way to communicate that you care and were thinking of them. And make sure you like what you bring — if no one else wants it, no problem! That just means there is all the more for you!


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