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The Best Flowers to Enhance Your Wedding Anniversary Party Decor

A colorful floral bouquet tablescape for wedding anniversary party

Spending any number of years together as a married couple is something to celebrate. After all, you have a lot to be proud of. Finding that special someone and being able to mark off another year of love is something that money can't buy. Therefore, when you celebrate your wedding anniversary, you want your party decoration to sparkle and shine. This is why having beautiful bouquets can add a lot to your party.

There's nothing like the fresh scent of curated arrangements with blooms that communicate love and admiration. Whether you stick to traditional anniversary flowers or get adventurous with mixed bouquets and plants, there is something perfect for your love story. Here are the best flowers to enhance your wedding anniversary party.

Best Flowers to Enhance Your Wedding Anniversary Party

  1. Single Stem Arrangements
  2. Mixed Bouquets
  3. Potted Plants
  4. Seasonal Wreaths
  5. Dried Flowers

Single Stem Arrangements

For couples that have a favorite flower or want to decorate with bouquets that are traditional to their anniversary year, shopping by the single stem is the way to go. This gives you full control of what types of flowers are at your anniversary party. For instance, if you want to commemorate 3 years of marriage, you should use sunflowers — the traditional flowers of third-year anniversaries. Get several of these bouquets to display around your party venue to make the mood festive! If you want to make a grand display of your single-stem decorations, choose double bouquets. This ensures that you get the right volume and size for the main centerpiece.

Since each year has its specific flower, you can choose something different every time. Fifteen-year anniversaries are symbolized by roses, while tulips are the traditional flowers of the 11th year. When you choose a single-stem arrangement in a standard or double size, you highlight the historic significance of these anniversary flowers, which each commemorate virtues gained per year of marriage.

Mixed Bouquets

When you want to switch things up and decorate with a variety of blooms, then mixed bouquets are for you. You can even incorporate some of the traditional flowers of your wedding anniversary year in your arrangements. Mixed bouquets are also a good option for people whose anniversaries occur when their traditional flower isn't always in bloom. In this way, you could choose the same color as your anniversary flower. For instance, if you celebrate your anniversary in the winter but your anniversary flower typically blooms in the spring, it can be difficult to find. However, a mixed bouquet with flowers that contain similar meanings and color schemes can be an impactful and beautiful decoration.

  • Pro tip: If you want to stick to flowers that are readily available all year, explore our timeless classics collection. These bouquets use flowers and plants that thrive in hothouses and are typically available at any florist. You’ll find universally appealing flowers like spray roses, carnations, and more. This enables you to access a variety of colors so you never have to wonder if you will have yellow flowers available for your 10th-anniversary bouquets.

Potted Plants

Lush green leaves add depth and extra visual texture to a bouquet, making it more interesting to look at. Likewise, when you add potted plants like golden pothos or succulents to your wedding anniversary party decorations, your beautiful bouquets look even better. By providing a variety of greenery to look at, your guests will be delighted at the way you have integrated living, breathing plants into the setup. It's also a fun idea to give these plants as gifts to guests as they leave since they can be kept alive for months to even years with proper upkeep.

Using potted plants to diversify your decoration spread means you can explore some interesting plants like succulents. These hardy, low-maintenance plants are known for their juicy, waxy leaves that can thrive even when given little attention. One of our favorites is The Loe, a 4" jade succulent in a cute elephant-shaped ceramic planter. Both the pottery and the rounded, verdant leaves of the succulent stand out to warrant a second look! This decor item proves that you don’t need to always have a big bouquet to get a lot of attention.

Seasonal Wreaths

Depending on the time of the year, you can also try decorative plant options like seasonal wreaths. Since these decorations hang vertically, you can always find room for them. These are excellent for hanging on low-traffic doorways or around a centerpiece. Also, if you have any rooms with limited space or a bare wall that need some excitement, a wreath fills in any emptiness.

All the accents on our wreaths are tailored to the season’s aesthetics, which is why in the warmer months you’ll find beauties like The Delilah, a greenery wreath dappled with pink preserved roses and hydrangeas. This wreath can be kept long after its initial use since it contains many dried elements. Simply dust it occasionally and keep it away from high-traffic areas!

Dried Flowers

For parties that demand unique decorations that will strike plenty of conversation, use dried bouquets. If you've imagined that dried flowers and foliage are nothing but brown and faded, then think again. These arrangements have vast spectrums of colors from natural pampas grass to deep red, royal purple, yellow, and striking greens.

One example of a bold dried arrangement is The Dauphine, a striking vision in hot pink, light pink, and forest green. It's just as colorful and attention-grabbing as a double bouquet of fresh flowers. And best of all, this arrangement can come home with you and be enjoyed for years. All you need to do is give it an occasional dusting and keep it away from direct sunlight.

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