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Valentine's Day FAQs

Man bringing Valentine's day flowers to the door

Why does the bouquet look smaller than it did on the website?

When we pack each bouquet, they are purposefully packed tightly so the flowers don’t get harmed on the way! When you receive your blooms, you’ll need to fluff the bouquet, and it will expand.

How do I keep my flowers fresh for longer?

As soon as they arrive, be sure to trim an inch off the stems (we recommend a 45-degree angle) and put them in a vase with water. Think of it as a marathon - they just went on a really long run, and they’re a little dehydrated. Be sure to change the water every day or every other day, and keep them in a cool spot around the house.

Why did my flowers come without water?

We ship your gift dry so that bacteria does not grow around the base of the stems. Remove your flowers from the box right away, trim the stems at an angle, and place them in water as soon as possible. In a few hours, your flowers will begin to soak up the water and if any stems look a little droopy upon arrival, they should start to perk up!

Why do my roses look a little sad?

These outer petals are called guard petals and they might arrive with a bit of browning because they’re supposed to! These petals protect the rose inside and you can simply pick them off to see your fresh rose inside.

I’m not able to place a delivery on Valentine’s Day. Why is that?

UrbanStems offers same day and next day flower delivery for Valentine’s Day. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Monday, February 14, 2022. At UrbanStems, we offer Monday delivery in many locations. A limited portion of our customers will be able to receive flowers on February 14th via ground shipping.

Thinking of going big? Make the whole weekend special! Start Valentine’s Day off right with a fresh flower delivery on Friday or Saturday and fill the rest of the weekend with fun surprises for your special someone.

What kind of flowers should I send?

We have the perfect fit for everyone in your life. For the romantic in your life, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Red roses are a staple for Valentine’s Day. Consider arrangements such as The Valentine or The Te Amo for a more traditional look.

Trying to break the mold? More power to you! Find something unique that matches their personality. Our Valentine’s Day Collection has a wide variety of stems and shades so you can be sure the perfect bouquet is waiting for you. Try stunning floral arrangements like The Love Spell or The Be Mine. Or mix it up with a long-lasting dried arrangement such as The Tutu for a hint of luxury.


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