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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During COVID-19

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With the omicron variant on the rise, it's had to tell what to do this Valentine's Day. Going into our second pandemic Valentine's Day has left many feeling. confused about whether or not to make plans. If you and your significant other can’t be together this Valentine’s Day, you might find yourself feeling a little left out. No dinner reservations? No reason to get all dressed up? No flowers and candy and all of the other tokens of affection that traditionally come with the holiday’s celebrations?

Not so fast. Just because you aren’t headed out for a meal doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the occasion together. In the modern world, it’s easier than ever to celebrate just about any holiday virtually — including Valentine’s Day. Sure, nothing actually replaces physically being in each other’s company, but there are definitely ways to make the romantic holiday feel more special even without that connection.

When you know that you and your significant other can’t be together, make it a point to plan ahead. Creating as fun and memorable a holiday as you can will help you both feel more celebratory. And you can be sure that your love will feel valued and appreciated for all the time and energy that you put into making it special. Here are some ideas to celebrate a memorable virtual Valentine’s Day.

How To Have a Virtual Valentine’s Day

  1. Go on a Movie Date
  2. Attend a Comedy Show
  3. Take a Cooking Class
  4. Send a Care Package
  5. Have Breakfast in Bed

Go on a Movie Date

Watching a movie and going out to dinner is an age-old pastime, yet it may seem completely out of reach if you’re in one state and your significant other is somewhere else entirely. Not to worry: the beauty of the internet is that you can both watch the exact same thing at the exact same time while enjoying each other’s company.

Simultaneous streaming can be a lot of fun when you want to spend quality time with each other and don’t want something like a little distance to get in the way of that togetherness. Use a browser extension like Teleparty to watch anything on popular streaming services right along with your love. Playback is synchronized, and there’s even a group chat feature you can use. Make it doubly special by scheduling delivery of their favorite meal. The perfect finishing touch? Double the Bella, a gorgeous bouquet brimming with the sweetest pinks lilies.

Watch a Comedy Show

Laughter is truly the antidote to everything — even that distance that’s keeping you apart this Valentine’s Day. Why not make the most of the occasion and attend a virtual comedy show with one another? There are many live events taking place, ranging from one-man shows to shows with multiple performers. Or find a special that's streaming online.

Keep things laid-back and easy by sharing a relaxing meal together as you unwind and enjoy the show. You might prefer to keep things in line with the casual theme of the evening and have pizza delivered. Want to keep it even more casual? Skip the ordering, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a cold drink. It’s quick, easy, and comfortable.

Take a Cooking Class

Learning something new is always enjoyable, but doing it together makes it especially memorable. Why not take this opportunity to learn the fine art of cooking a meal? There are many virtual classes available, some of which are private and others which you can take with other people.

Choose a meal or cuisine that the two of you love, then get to work. You’ll have a blast not only unleashing your inner chefs but also preparing a tasty meal that the two of you can enjoy for dinner when class is over. Don’t forget dessert! Plan on something that you both enjoy, whether it’s your favorite chocolate cake or eclairs. Don’t forget to make it extra special with a pretty flower arrangement. The Charisma will dress up your table, getting it all set for the fruits of your labor.

Send a Care Package

Show them that they’re never far from your thoughts by putting together a thoughtfully curated care package full of items that are expressly for them. Think of what it is that they truly love — and what you’d give them if they were right there in front of you this Valentine’s Day. A bottle of their favorite fragrance? That candy they grab every time they go out? The hard-to-find snack they can’t resist? A pretty lavender themed care package? Try The Lavender Field to give them a perfect evening in.

The perfect finishing touch is The Crush, an astoundingly pretty bouquet that is destined to make the holiday even more romantic — especially when you can’t be there. This beauty arrives in a chic gilded vase featuring a contemporary design. A tube of Claus Porto body lotion in red poppy completes the gift perfectly. The gifts of scent and color are always welcome, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Have Breakfast in Bed

Not every Valentine’s Day celebration has to revolve around dinner. Since this is an atypical occasion when you just can’t be together, why not go all out earlier in the day? Order breakfast in bed for your love and have it delivered to their door. Look for a restaurant that offers mimosas and sweet Valentine’s Day-themed treats to make it extra special.

Then hop on a video call and spend your morning with one another. Sip your drinks and enjoy your breakfast together, savor the memories you’re making, and make plans for what you’ll do next Valentine’s Day when you actually can be together. And since you can’t be there in person, make sure that you send some flowers to brighten up their breakfast tray! The Be Mine is a lovely and lavish choice that will serve as a lasting reminder of how much you care for them. It’s a true celebration of color, texture, and beauty, making it a fantastic choice for this holiday that’s all about love.

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your 20th, you know that it would be so much more special if you could actually be with one another in person. But the beauty of the modern world is that it makes it possible to do far more together than you could ever have before. Make the most of it, be creative, and you’ll have a memorable Valentine’s Day that you will undoubtedly look back on in the future.


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