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Unique Valentine's Day Flower Colors for 2023

Close up of dark red flowers for Valentines Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is often closely linked to the colors pink and red. But what if these aren’t your — or your significant other’s — vibe? Why limit yourself to only these traditional hues.

This year, consider breaking away from the norm and incorporating different colors into your Valentine’s Day celebrations and gifts. There are numerous ways you can use color to create a romantic ambiance, and these don’t need to be strictly focused on pinks and reds. In this article, we’ll help you explore the wonderful world of color, pushing the limits on what you might associate with Valentine’s Day. Forget pink and red and discover the palette that means the most to you and the one you love.

Other Romantic Colors To Incorporate This Valentine’s Day

  1. Choosing Symbolic Colors
  2. Opting for a Non-Traditional Color Palette
  3. Using Color Psychology
  4. Send Personalized Romance to the One You Love

Choosing Symbolic Colors

As you consider your expression of love and romance this Valentine’s Day, color can help set the mood and symbolize your feelings. While pink and red have long been a staple during Valentine’s Day, consider using other colors with rich symbolism and meaning to showcase how you feel.

For example, purple symbolizes luxury and has been historically tied to royalty. This makes it a great option for adding elegance and class to your celebration. Add rich purple hues to your place setting as you create a romantic dinner and send a bouquet of purple flowers to your Valentine. For example, The Elixir is a dramatic bouquet with rich eggplant and burgundy colors. This is the perfect way to express love luxuriously.

Conversely, consider adding an element of passion to your Valentine’s Day with the use of orange. This color symbolizes energy and excitement. You can use it to ignite the fire of love and showcase your enthusiasm for your partner. A vibrant orange centerpiece or brilliant orange bouquet can express playfulness and passion.

Another way to add positivity to your Valentine’s Day is with yellow. Yellow symbolizes joy and friendship. It’s a great choice for relationships centered around connection and happiness. Yellow decor, yellow flowers, and a yellow gift can show appreciation for your partner.

For a more subdued approach, consider the use of blues and greens. Blue symbolizes loyalty and trust, while green is associated with harmony and growth. Combined, these colors create a serene Valentine’s Day, with a focus on peace and connectedness.

Opting for a Non-Traditional Color Palette While Creating a Romantic Setting

As you think about the romantic setting you wish to create this Valentine’s Day, add a unique and personal touch by incorporating non-traditional color palettes into the setting. Whether you are going on a weekend getaway or planning a special meal, instead of sticking to pink and red, use your own color combinations that reflect your personality and style as a couple.

The following are a few examples that you might try depending on your preference and taste:

  • A black-and-white-themed dinner: This is an elegant and chic way to celebrate your love. Black-and-white palettes are timeless and exude sophistication and refinement. This is a great pick for couples who appreciate minimalism and simplicity. Black and white candles paired with a pure white tablecloth will set the mood. A gold necklace and bouquet of pure white flowers make the perfect gift set.
  • A playful take with pastels: Pastel colors are charming, sweet, and soft. Using pastels creates an approachable ambiance that invites intimacy and casual playfulness. Pink, blues, yellows, and purples can create a cozy effect. Soft lighting can add to the ambiance. Pair with a fresh bouquet of colorful pastel colored flowers to complete the vibe.
  • A retreat with earth tones: A palette focused on earth tones can deliver a calming effect to your romantic getaway. Envision a cabin retreat with browns, beiges, and greens or a dinner table set with cloth napkins, wooden napkin holders, and earthen vases filled with flowers. Earth tones can create a sense of intimacy and relaxation, ideal for a romantic celebration.

Using non-traditional color palettes can help you design a day that is personalized to your significant other. Let your creativity flow and add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day by shying away from the traditional.

Using Color Psychology to Evoke Emotions

Another way to think about color this Valentine’s Day is to consider how different colors affect human behavior and emotions. Color psychology aims to understand how specific colors will evoke emotions. By understanding how different colors will affect your partner, you can use colors to create a desired mood.

In fact, color psychology is partly why red has become so synonymous with Valentine’s Day. This color is associated with love and romance and creates a sense of passion. However, red is not the only color that can set the stage for a day celebrating love.

Blue is a wonderful choice for Valentine’s Day. This color helps invoke a feeling of calmness and trust. You can use this to showcase not only how you feel about your significant other but also to create an energy that is soothing.

Another color that helps create a positive mood is yellow. This color is popular for eliciting a sense of joy and celebration. That makes it a great option for Valentine’s Day. Show your partner how happy and grateful you are for their presence with a yellow-themed dinner setting.

To evoke the feeling of harmony and balance, consider using greens in your decor and gift-giving. Green plants and green candles can help create a sense of growth between you and your partner. For example, The Other Half, a sett of Hoya hearts is the perfect use of green to evoke feelings of growing love. Nicknamed the sweetheart plant, the thick, heart-shaped leaves of The Hoya makes it a charming expression of growing love.

Send Personalized Romance to the One You Love

This Valentine’s Day, don’t feel limited by traditional pink and red hues. Instead, send a personalized gift or bouquet that reflects the energy of your love. Whether it is stunning purple flowers that showcase the luxury of your relationship or a simplistic candle with calming blues that reflect the steadiness of your love, express how you feel with a creative Valentine’s Day palette. Schedule gift and flower delivery with our convenient online checkout today.


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