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Real Love Part II: Valentine’s Day Stories from Our Customers

Close up of couple holding Valentine's Day flower bouquet

Love is in the air! Last week, we celebrated familial love with three real stories from our very own customers. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so we chose to take the time to speak with a few more real customers to find out who they’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day.

First, we spoke with Katharine, who lives on the Upper West Side. Katharine met her now-boyfriend Julian in January 2021, and their first date was at a drive-in movie theatre, where Julian brought her flowers.

“A month later on February 13th, he asked me to be his girlfriend during a pottery session-- Dirty Dancing style. We've been in a long-distance relationship since then, he is in Orlando and I am in NYC, but we manage to see each other every month and are able to keep our love alive 1000+ miles away.”

Despite the distance, their relationship continued to flourish. “Julian is incredibly special to me because he encourages me to find my spark and explore my happiness while being my biggest cheerleader through it all. He is the most gentle, honest, and loving person I have ever met and if I could make him smile, laugh, and feel loved just by sharing our story that would be so special to us.”

UrbanStems flowers have always played an important role in their relationship. Every 13th of the month, Julian sends me an UrbanStems bouquet because he knows how much I love flowers and how they hold a special meaning in our relationship. They were our conversation starter and we both love getting each other plants and flowers that would make our days all the much warmer and joyful.”

The couple is celebrating their one year anniversary the day before Valentine’s Day this year! We’re honored to have played even a small part in their love story.

We also spoke with Alyse, who is celebrating her best friend Julia this Valentine’s Day, who she describes as her “best friend in the entire solar system.”

“Julia and I met in college where we bonded over a love of ice cream and Celine Dion. We have lived in different states for many years now- but we still spend time together through our virtual monthly book club, long distance watching movies and shows, and visiting whenever possible. We say we are probably long lost sisters, and agree we are actually the other’s soul mate.”

Alyse remarks that everything about Julia is special. “I think about all the big moments in my life that have happened with Julia by my side, and there isn’t another person who has provided so much patience, kindness, and general goodness throughout every part of my life. She has a heart of gold and could conquer the world if she wanted to. It’s not hard to be the biggest fan of someone so cool!”

Surely someone so “smart, ridiculous, and kind” deserves a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day. “Truly, flowers have been a constant through our highest high moments as friends, and also at the lowest of the low. We both have floral tattoos and we both live for a floral moment at any point in life. Flowers are the best.”

Alyse added, “Friendship requires care, love, and acts of kindness, so I believe every day is a chance to celebrate. We are both aspiring for 2022 to be a year of growth, and I think celebrating our friendship all year long will be a great way to meet that goal.”

We believe in celebrating all types of love, from romantic to platonic. No matter what type of relationships you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day, we hope your day is filled with love, kindness, and flowers!


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