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7 Ways to Surprise Your Mom This Mother’s Day

March 17, 2022

Young girl holding flowers for Mother's Day 2022 and holding her mom's hand.

Mother’s Day is one of the most special days of the year because it celebrates people we all love — moms! There are so many ways to celebrate these special women that it can be overwhelming to know what to do. In this guide, we’ll share some top activity suggestions that you can do yourself to celebrate the mom in your life. Remember — just because someone isn’t your biological mother doesn’t mean that they don’t also deserve celebrating. Think of your stepmom, your aunts, grandmother, and even friends who are moms when making your plans for this special day.

Ways to Celebrate Moms

  1. Enjoy a Meal Together
  2. Treat Her to a Massage
  3. Have a Staycation
  4. Help Tackle the To-Do List
  5. Watch a Mother-Child Movie
  6. Craft the Day Away
  7. Gift Her Flowers

Enjoy a Meal Together

Most people treat mom to brunch or a nice dinner on Mother’s Day. While those are both great options, consider going outside the box this year! Try cooking a recipe together, and get even more bonus points if it’s a family recipe that continues to get passed down from generation to generation. If you’re geographically separated, try taking a virtual cooking class together. Look to Airbnb Experiences or Cozymeal for some great options. And don’t forget the most important part of cooking together: the clean-up! If you can, don’t let mom lay a finger when it comes to doing the dishes and putting things away.

Treat Her to a Massage

Moms do so much for us, and they deserve so much in return! Considering treating her to a relaxing massage that will melt away her stress. If you can, find a local spa that can have her feeling her best afterward. Another great choice is a gift card to a nationwide spa like Massage Envy, so she can choose to use the gift card at any time and in any place she wants. If you’d prefer to stay around the home, give mom a massage yourself! Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing either. Just focus on her shoulders, neck, hands, and feet, and you’ll be good to go!

Have a Staycation

Vacations are amazing, but they aren’t always realistic. Instead of scrapping the vacation idea altogether, consider taking a staycation! A staycation is when you take a vacation relatively close to home. Try finding a destination about an hour or so away from home, and treat it like a trip that’s thousands of miles away. If that isn’t a possibility, be a tourist in your own home! Find a hotel or Airbnb where you can get a change of scenery. Even better, find accommodations with something special that mom doesn’t get at home: a big fluffy bed, a hot tub, or room service. Anything special and out of the ordinary, even if it’s close to home, will make mom feel like the luckiest woman in the world!

Help Tackle the To-Do List

If you ask most moms what they want for Mother’s Day, they say “a nap”! Whether she takes the nap or not, one of the best ways you can honor your mother is to give her a break, and a great way to do that is by tackling some of her to-do lists. Do the laundry, deep clean the kitchen, scrub the bathtub, help kids with their homework, do a grocery run, or rake the leaves. Anything that she was planning to do that she no longer needs to will make all the difference.

Watch a Mother-Child Movie

Sometimes plopping down on the couch with some snacks and a good movie is just what mom wants! Any movie will do, but a great way to make mom feel special is with a film that focuses on the relationship between mother and child. Some great options are Brave, The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, or Steel Magnolias.

Craft the Day Away

Whether mom is near or far, crafting is a great activity! If you’re celebrating together in person, go to a craft studio to try out a new skill with the help of experts. If you’re looking to spend some time around the house, do a little home decor DIY! Activities like floral arranging, painting, and embroidery take very few supplies and not too much experience to make something you’ll be happy to display around your home. If you’re celebrating remotely, try a kit from a website like The Crafter’s Box, which will send you everything you need to create something new. Don’t forget to FaceTime each other while you’re learning your new skill!

Gift Her Flowers

The first Mother’s Day in the U.S. was observed in May of 1908, at the request of Anna Jarvis, who wore a pink carnation to a church service in honor of her deceased mother, who loved carnations. Then, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson publicly declared the second Sunday in May as the official National Mother’s Day. Since then, flowers have continued to remain a top pick for a Mother’s Day gift. Would you believe that about 25% of yearly flower sales can be attributed to Mother’s Day? You better believe it! Whether mom is near or far away, you can gift her beautiful flowers from UrbanStems. Many people aren’t sure what type of flower or color to choose, but when it comes to Mother’s Day, you really can do no wrong no matter what you choose. UrbanStems ensures that your delivery is fresh with same-day and next-day delivery, or you can pre-order a beautiful arrangement to be delivered up to two weeks in advance.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of all the moms in your life — stepmoms, aunts, grandmoms, work moms, and even mothers-in-law. You don’t need to spend tons of money honoring these women, either: it’s truly the thought that counts. Consider spending the day together by cooking or exploring your city. Give mom a break by treating her to a massage or taking tasks off her to-do list. Regardless of how you honor your mother figures, you should be gifting them all with a radiant floral arrangement that is as beautiful as they are.


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