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Mother’s Day Statistics 2023 Survey

May 5, 2023

Daughter gifting her mom UrbanStems flowers for Mothers Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's that special time of year where we take a moment to appreciate and show love to the mothers in our lives. As a way to understand how people are planning to celebrate this year, we recently conducted a survey of 100 customers to get their insights and opinions on Mother's Day. The results we found were both interesting and insightful, shedding light on how people are planning to celebrate this special occasion, what types of gifts they are considering, and much more.

Think Pink, Think Peonies

It’s not the first time for many to be sending flowers for Mother’s Day, but when it comes to the type of flower and color, there are some clear winners. 

  • It’s a classic flower color for a reason! 45% of survey respondents say they gravitate towards pink flowers on Mother’s Day.
  • Purple was a close runner up, with 17% of people gifting purple flowers for Mother’s Day.
  • When it comes to flower type, it’s hard to beat peonies! These fluffy blooms are the favorite of 46% of respondents (we get why)!
  • Other flowers also get their time in the spotlight, with 12% sending tulips, 11% choosing to send roses, and 25% sending another stem for Mother’s Day.
Mothers Day 2023 Flower Statistics Report

Celebrating Everyone

Of course moms should be celebrated on Mother’s Day, but our audience thinks our four-legged friends should be gifted to on Mother’s Day too. 

  •  60% of our audience thinks pet moms should be celebrated on Mother’s Day. Being a dog (or cat) mom can be hard work too!
  • 40% of our audience would gift flowers for Father’s Day as well. According to a poll done by the Society of American Florists, men like flowers too! When it comes to gifting flowers, we say the more the merrier.
Mother's Day 2023 Flower Survey Report

In Our Mom Era

Motherhood brings out plenty of different stages of life. Our customers defined the eras they find themselves in and who they identify with most.

  • 26% of our customers are in their “sweatpants count as getting dressed for the day” era. We don’t blame them, sweatpants are totally pants.
  • 34% of moms are in their “gentle parenting” era.
  • 22% of survey respondents are in their “my kid(s) think I’m embarrassing” era. (It’s a rite of passage, they’ll realize how cool you are soon.)
  • 10% of our customers are in their “I need a babysitter” era and 7% are in their “McDonald’s for dinner” era.
  • When it comes to famous moms, 34% of respondents identify most with Jennifer Garner while 29% identify with Michelle Obama.
  • 24% of customers identify with Lorelai Gilmore’s parenting.
  • 5% of our audience identify as Kris Jenner and another 5% identify as Morticia Addams. All icons!
Mother’s Day Statistics 2023 Survey 

It’s Hard to Be Mom

It’s hard being a mom these days! Our audience identified Mom guilt and having no time in the day as the hardest parts about being a mom in 2023.

  • 24% of our audience said “Mom guilt” is the hardest part about being a mom in 2023, with another 24% identifying the lack of time in the day as the toughest part.
  • 17% of our audience said the hardest part of being a mom is having no alone time.
  • Another 7% said the hardest part about being a mom in 2023 is working from an office.
Mothers Day Flowers Statistics Survey Report 2023


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