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Mother’s Day with Annesa Lee

May 6, 2022

Kitchen decorated with Mother's Day Flowers

If you ever find yourself in an all-white kitchen filled with smiles, florals, and some non-toxic kitchenware on the stovetop, you're probably at Annesa Lee’s.

Since becoming a mom a few years ago, Annessa’s view on Mother’s Day has drastically changed. Like every holiday, Mother’s Day looks different for every family. For Annessa, she has shifted the focus from staunch tradition and unnecessary gifts to prioritizing being present with her family

We’ve teamed up with Caraway Home to learn more about Annesa’s Mother’s Day essentials (hint: it involves delicious food cooked in her Caraway Cookware and gorgeous UrbanStem florals) and take a sneak peak into the life of a busy mom.

How do you add personal touches to your kitchen?

I add personal touches to my kitchen with color. I love to add a colorful runner rug to brighten up the space. I also enjoy my weekly flower addiction. Flowers always make my kitchen feel cozy and fresh. The smells are nice as well.

What flowers do you prefer to keep in your kitchen?

I love almost all flowers… I pick and choose depending on the seasons. I like to pick my garden flowers in the Spring and Summer. I tend to lean towards peonies in the Spring because they are so lovely and come in so many different variations. A favorite throughout the Winter would be roses and carnations. I feel both of those last for a long time. I enjoy getting flowers and picking flowers because I get to display them in my kitchen and then I use them for a beautiful bath ambiance. It is a win-win.

What’s your favorite flower?

Currently, I tend to love peonies. I only display them in my home during spring when my bushes are blooming. But like I said earlier, the variations that peonies come in = LOVE. But in general I love pink flowers. (All shades)

What's your go-to meal on a busy day?

A meal I go-to on a busy day would probably be chili in the Winter and grilled chicken and veggies during the Summer. Both don’t require a lot of prep, are quick & for the most part healthy.

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions in your family?

Since becoming a mother a few years ago, some traditions have changed. Both my mother and my mother-in-law live close by, so we tend to split up time with each of them (at least a visit). I normally buy them a hanging basket to keep during the Summer months.

Any secrets to having a smooth Mother’s Day with young children?

No secrets here. Just something to keep in mind would be to remember to be present as much as possibly. Kids really do grow up too quickly. I am still a new Mom, so I invite secrets/advice from other moms with open arms.

Dream mother's day brunch?

I love food, but if I had to pick something for a dream brunch it would have to include crispy bacon, homemade biscuits & gravy, a mimosa (with only a splash of orange juice) and maybe a couple bites of my kids’ waffles draped in syrup ;).

For more motherhood and lifestyle inspo be sure to head to @annesalee, and don’t forget to check out both us and Caraway Home for the ideal Mother’s Day gifts.


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