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Celebrate International Women's Day with These Bouquets

Close up of purple bouquet for International Women's Day

Tuesday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. This global holiday celebrates the many achievements of women across the centuries. It is a wonderful time to honor a special woman in your life who has inspired you to go above and beyond. It is also a wonderful time to recognize the political, economic, and professional achievements of women. Though the mimosa is the official flower of International Women’s Day, you can choose to give a variety of flowers in different colors to the women you admire. No matter what type of flower you give, you will keep the tradition alive by honoring women with a beautiful bouquet!

Each year, International Women’s Day gets a special theme. In 2022, the holiday’s official theme is #BreakTheBias, which will focus on inclusion, equity, and gender equality. By lifting women up, our collective culture gets one step closer to closing gaps, breaking glass ceilings, and making equal recognition for all genders the norm. If you would like to honor a special woman today, send her a gift from FLOWER Beauty x UrbanStems, our official bouquet for International Women’s Day. It’s designed with regal beauty and exceptionality in mind — and is a wonderful gift on this special occasion.

International Women’s Day Bouquets

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  • The Meaning of International Women’s Day
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  • How You Can #Breakthebias

FLOWER Beauty X Urban Stems

This year, the spotlight is on purple flowers for their beauty and rich traditional symbolism. This year, our official FLOWER Beauty x UrbanStems bouquet is full of lush purple and jewel tones with some hints of soft pinks and peach. This soft yet strong palette, crafted with fresh roses, ranunculus, mums, carnations, leucadendron, thistle, Ruscus, and salal leaves, is as fragrant as it is plush. Since purple is the traditional color of royalty, this arrangement’s queenly beauty is the perfect complement to honor a woman’s strength, dignity, and excellence. When you give a woman this flower on International Women’s Day, it’s not about romance, but rather it is to recognize her and stand in solidarity with the day’s meaning.

The Meaning of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has several origins that contributed to its current meaning. From a 1911 factory fire that killed 123 women and girls to female worker strikes in the 19th and early 20th centuries — these significant events culminated into the moment when the first official International Women’s day was coined in 1946. The day is all about recognizing how far women have come while understanding the progress that still needs to be made.

In every culture, there are different equity issues regarding women. On this day, the world recognizes this reality and takes a moment to honor the many achievements women have made as well as their contributions to society. By giving flowers to a woman on this holiday, you stand in solidarity with all the women who came before her — and those who will follow in her footsteps.

Our Favorite International Women’s Day Bouquets

An International Women’s Day bouquet is an excellent gift to give any woman you respect and admire. This flower gift is not a romantic one and is meant to surround the woman with praise. The rich purple of this year’s featured bouquet highlights a woman’s poise and excellence in all she does. For some inspiration, here are some more purple International Women’s Day bouquets.

  • The Zahra: Long-lasting orchids are low-maintenance but make a room look instantly more chic. If you want to give one as a gift for International Women’s Day, choose The Zahra, which contains three Micro Fuschia orchids in a white ceramic planter. The elegant curves of the orchids’ stems make them easily stand out with their organic beauty — just like that special woman you admire!
  • The Inspiration: This dried arrangement is a bold and refreshing surprise to any woman you choose to honor. The Inspiration is a lovely mix of dark colors like burgundy and purple. Preserved thistle, lavender, mini pampas, bunny tails, broom bloom, and eucalyptus are arranged evenly in a crisp ceramic vase. Such rich and regal stems make a fitting gift for the woman who inspires you this International Women’s Day.

How You Can #Breakthebias

Breakthebias is the official hashtag of 2022’s International Women’s Day. This phrase refers to raising awareness of the existence of biases and challenging the world to break them. The goal of this movement is to encourage everyone to imagine a gender-equal world. This future is free of stereotypes and discrimination against women in the workplace or the home. It’s a world where many hands make light work and workloads are equitable.

Breakthebias encourages people to take action for equality. This includes calling out inequality and making a collective effort for equal human rights. What this looks like to you can be different from a person in another part of the world. It can be as simple as not defaulting “housekeeping” and emotional labor to women in the office regarding holidays and office chores. Small actions like these matter and change the course of women’s collective destiny. When all people work together, big changes can happen.

Shop International Women’s Day Bouquets

If you have someone special on your mind for International Women’s Day, this is the time to schedule your gift delivery. We have a variety of yellow bouquets and dried arrangements that will be perfect for the person in your life. We also carry a variety of other stems and plant gifts that will suit any occasion on your mind.


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