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Tips for Entertaining During the Holidays

November 16, 2022

Close up of festive holiday flowers

Hosting can be stressful, we get it. Especially during the holidays! To help your holiday party go smoothly, we sat down with Justin from the UrbanStems Happiness Team to get his tips and tricks for holiday hosting!

How do you choose the right centerpiece for your holiday party?

The goal when thinking about your centerpiece is to make sure that everyone can see and enjoy the beautiful flowers. With that in mind, this is how I would proceed.

For a shorter table, a single centerpiece will usually work. But don’t be afraid to play with non-traditional options! For example, you could break a bouquet up into several bud vases and place the bud vases between your candles, place settings and decor. You could even take individual stems and place a single flower on each person’s place setting.

For a longer table where you’re seating a larger party, think in terms of multiple arrangements! If you place 2-3 arrangements down the length of your table, you’ll still have plenty of space for place settings and serving food. You can work with multiple bouquets, or break up a larger bouquet (like one of our Doubles or Triples) into multiple arrangements.

Don’t forget to consider the shape of your table as well! The average place setting measures 15 to 18 inches top to bottom, which means that space on your table can become limited quickly. Square tables will usually have more room at the center and can handle a larger centerpiece while still allowing space for candles, seasonal accents, and food. Round tables are typically a little tighter for space, so I’d recommend a smaller centerpiece or even multiple bud vases with seasonal stems.

How do you pick the perfect bouquet for your Thanksgiving?

Well, that depends on your Thanksgiving! Be sure to match your blooms to the party at hand. Try to get a sense of how the host will be decorating, or, if you’re the host, try to come up with a cohesive theme for the event.

  • For a Traditional Thanksgiving: A traditional Thanksgiving is the perfect moment to lean into the warm, earthy tones of the season! Pick a bouquet with rich golds, rusts, oranges, and reds that will make your celebration glow with those warm colors. 
  • For Friendsgiving: A holiday with friends is a perfect chance to get playful! Go for non-traditional colors and bold unique flowers. Choose a bouquet that expresses who you are. After all, your friends invited you because they love you and they’ll love your unique taste in blooms too.
  • For the First time with the In-Laws: First impressions can be tough, but I promise a beautiful bouquet almost always helps. I’d suggest a very classic look in soft or neutral colors. That way your bouquet will be sure to match any decor and wow the in-laws.

What if my host already has flowers?

You have a couple of options here! You could still bring them a bouquet, because they may have flowers for the table but I’d bet they don’t have flowers to keep by their bedside or in the powder room. On the other hand, consider bringing a beautiful plant that they can enjoy for weeks afterwards. Pairing your gift with a seasonal candle or gourmet treat for your hosts can also help your gift feel a little more elevated and considered.


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